How Much of Yourself Goes Into Your Book?

- by Dianne Drake

I did something recently that I’ve never done. I wrote a story about me, fictionalized it, embellished parts, changed some facts to make it more interesting, then submitted it to Lou Aronica to be included in I Never Thought I’d See You Again. It was a really difficult thing to do first, because it was […]

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When is a novel not quite a novel? When it’s a serial!

- by Suzanne Johnson

I have a new book out today under my Susannah Sandlin pen name, sort of. But not really. Welcome to the world of serial novels, where the processes we become accustomed to as authors no longer apply. When one of my publishers responded to a new book proposal in February with “Great! Let’s do it […]

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The Misplaced Child

- by Barbara Meyers

Supposedly, every fiction writer has a theme.  Have you ever noticed a pattern with your favorite authors?  The heroines in their stories are always bumbling or a bit quirky.  The heroes are always dark and forbidding but have a well-hidden soft spot that is key to the story.  Or maybe in each book there’s some […]

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Introducing Your Hero

- by Jenna Kernan

Handsome Heroes THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER goes on sale in February 2013, but you get a sneak peek here and also a look at what goes into introducing your hero. We all expect a romance hero to be handsome.  That’s part of his job and an author’s description of a hero is very important.  But […]

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