A Bookstore in Your Pocket, a World in our Hands

- by Elaine Isaak

The Novelists, Inc annual conference is coming to a close–alas!– with a great talk by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, a platform for creating and distributing e-books.  One of the difficulties of traditional publishing he pointed out is the limited distribution rights often controlled under various contracts, leading, as he points out, to frustrations like […]

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Get Your Sweet Romances Here, Astraea Press

- by Vonna Harper

Stephanie Griffin: Owner & Editor in Chief aka Stephanie Taylor After spending over six years working with authors and gaining editing experience from five different e-publishers, Stephanie decided to open her own business after seeing a gap in the e-publishing industry for non-erotic, sweeter publishers. While she doesn’t envision Astraea Press as a solely inspirational publisher, […]

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Going Back to the Beach

- by Shannon Donnelly

It’s almost a year ago since the last NINC conference, which inspired me to get my books back into print. The conference was a game-changer for me. I came in a little lost, with only the assurance of other writer friends that this was a conference I had to attend. I listened, met a lot […]

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Double Your Book Sales on Your Website

- by JoAnn Grote

  Book marketing and media relations expert Penny  C. Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc.         How to Double Your Book Sales on Your Website By Penny C. Sansevieri Face it, times are tough! The economy blah, blah, blah. Tell me something new. The key is: Everyone loves a […]

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