The Misplaced Child

- by Barbara Meyers

Supposedly, every fiction writer has a theme.  Have you ever noticed a pattern with your favorite authors?  The heroines in their stories are always bumbling or a bit quirky.  The heroes are always dark and forbidding but have a well-hidden soft spot that is key to the story.  Or maybe in each book there’s some […]

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Introducing Your Hero

- by Jenna Kernan

Handsome Heroes THE TEXAS RANGER’S DAUGHTER goes on sale in February 2013, but you get a sneak peek here and also a look at what goes into introducing your hero. We all expect a romance hero to be handsome.  That’s part of his job and an author’s description of a hero is very important.  But […]

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The Times They Are A-Changing

- by Nancy Gideon

Just when you think you know where it’s at, somebody moves it! That’s how I felt about the e-book revolution. I had no problem with e-readers and e-books . . . as long as I had print to fall back on. The feel of a book in hand, the sight of it on the stands, […]

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Holiday in Crimson

- by Patricia Rosemoor

As a child, I lived in the far reaches of the city, then in the suburbs of Chicago. I didn’t know much about the downtown area, nearly twenty miles away by electric train, except that I always looked forward to my infrequent trips there. My mom treated me every holiday, taking me downtown to see […]

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