Each Day is Writer’s Day

- by Geri Krotow

May and June are busy with cakes and gifts at my house. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, our wedding anniversary, my birthday and my husband’s birthday all fall within a 7 week window.  This year add to the mix  my navy husband’s retirement from the U.S. Navy after 27 years and my book launch. It’s chaotic and […]

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Team Monster

- by Patricia Rosemoor

 Now for something completely different… Whispers from the Void is the comic book series I’m co-writing with three other romance authors. We are Team Monster. Whispers is a look at the dark side of life from the female point of view. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We balance the horror with humor. The […]

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Who You Know

- by Barbara Meyers

My father used to tell me “It’s not what you know it’s who you know.”  He was a wise man able to offer a pithy remark for just about any circumstance and his words of wisdom stuck with me because they are true. On the morning of my thirty-second wedding anniversary (apropos of nothing except […]

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Texting Dead Possums

- by Dianne Drake

Years ago, when I began writing for Harlequin, I started out in the romantic comedy lines, particularly the imprint that required its couple to get together through some strange form of communication. The guidelines for that were changed pretty quickly, and the line went belly-up pretty quickly, as well. I don’t think the editors could […]

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