Filling the Creative Well

- by Patricia Rosemoor

Writing romantic suspense has pretty much been my professional life since I first sold to Intrigue in 1985. I’ve written 53 Intrigues and have sold about six million copies world wide. But in order to fill my creative well, I need variety in my writing life. I love writing any combination of romance with suspense […]

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I Know God Reads My Books

- by Marianna Jameson

So, you might ask, just how do I know that God reads my books? Because He’s taking my plots and turning them into headlines, that’s how. I know, I know, it’s supposed  to be the other way around, but try telling Him that. And with my latest novel, He not only read it, He got His […]

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I (heart) Dr. Lyle

- by Elaine Isaak

So this morning I attended Dr. D. P. Lyle’s presentation called the Autopsy of A Thriller in which he analyzed The Terminator in an engaging and useful way, which made me look forward to his afternoon presentation on The Pyschology of Character. I just returned from that, with the exact insight I needed to make […]

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Writing heresy

- by Patricia McLinn

This is a tale of two books. These two were not the best and worst of books, but rather two books that each received outstanding reviews. Each was billed as suspense, and shelved with mysteries. Each was written by a well-known author. I can be a cranky reader, but both authors displayed writing skill that […]

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