Meet Senior Editor Natashya Wilson

- by BlogMistress

Welcome Harlequin TEEN Senior Editor Natashya Wilson. She began working at Harlequin Books in 1996, when she became an editorial assistant for the Harlequin American Romance and Intrigue series. She left in 2000 to work first as an associate editor for McGraw-Hill and then later for the Rosen Publishing Group, where she edited children’s nonfiction […]

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Gifts for the Season

- by Pati Nagle

I love this time of year. The magic of snow, good cheer all around, and giving presents. Yes, I like giving even more than getting (though I like getting—don’t get me wrong!), because I love offering my friends something I think they’ll enjoy. Here are some gifts for you, dear readers: two new places to […]

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Summer Reading

- by Barbara Keiler

I love summer. I don’t mind snow (although I’d like it better if it fell everywhere except on the roads and my driveway), and the rebirth of springtime is inspiring, and autumn in New England blends crisp air and tart apples and leaves screaming with psychedelic color. In summertime the air turns sticky and sludgy, […]

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Confessions of a Fiction-Writing Addict

- by Patricia Rosemoor

This book changed my life! ♥♥♥ It all started with a challenge. Having discovered Angelique on a trip to Europe, I devoured every historical romance I could find. Some were great. Some not so much. It was months later over breakfast with me suggesting to a friend that I could write a better story than […]

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