Snow Days

- by Dianne Drake

I watched the snow storm yesterday, and if left me with some odd questions. 1. Why did the store sell out of milk and bread? That’s a question I’ve never had answered. Quick, run to the store for milk and bread, we’re having a blizzard! I, for one bought neither. In fact, my cart (I […]

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Boxed In, but Nicely

- by Rebecca York

As an author, sometimes I feel like I’m caught in a time warp. I remember when my first novel, LOVE IS ELECTED, came out from Silhouette Romance (now Harlequin Romance) in 1982. Back when there were only a few romance lines competing for readers’ attention, LOVE IS ELECTED sold 260,000 copies. Today that would be […]

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Have You Ever Seen a Liger?

- by Kelly McClymer

What Do a Liger and the NINC 2013 Conference “The Author’s World” Have in Common? Answer: They are both in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. According to the Myrtle Beach Online, Hercules the liger is happy in Myrtle Beach — and we expect conference-goers attending “The Author’s World” NINC 2013 conference to be the same. Even […]

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WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Digital Book Launch Party!

- by Patricia Rosemoor

You’re invited! Whether or not you’ll be in the Chicago area tomorrow, September 10, you can be part of the launch party for WRITTEN IN THE STARS by Patricia Rosemoor & Sherrill Bodine. Come to McNamara’s if you can. If not, join the party on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone. We’ll be streamed live. Go […]

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