Critiquing: The Big Picture

- by Elaine Isaak

There’s a great movie called “The Creator” with Peter O’Toole as this rather wacky professor taking on a grad student to help him clone his dead wife.  He claims all of the student’s time, and marks him down as receiving his education in, “The Big Picture.” I was reminded of this lately when looking at […]

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A Modest Proposal to Improve World Sanity

- by Patricia McLinn

This is a serious proposal. I propose that one day a month be designated as worldwide Update Day.  On that day, every software for every program for every gadget will do their updates for the month. This includes operating systems, internet providers, web browsers, apps, mobile phone networks, cable systems, firewalls, spyware protectors, adware protectors, […]

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Who Holds Your Sword?

- by Charlotte Hubbard

As I did this morning’s Tarot meditation, a habit I’ve revived with the new year to regain some balance in my life, I asked the question “How shall I focus myself today?” This strong, positive card came up at the center of my spread. I love the DruidCraft Tarot deck (and this image is used […]

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SJGA Agent/Author Lindsay Ribar

- by Karen Sandler

A chat with Lindsay Ribar, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates agent and upcoming Dial author. • Tell us a little about yourself personally and professionally—where you went to school, where you’ve worked, favorite or unusual hobbies. Well, I went to school at NYU.  I actually started out as an acting major, in the musical theatre program […]

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