Why I love bad boys

- by Charlotte Hubbard

(w/a Melissa MacNeal)

OK, so why wouldn’t I love the guy on the cover of my September anthology? These are historicals–love slave stories–and I’m betting any woman reading this would be a willing victim for my hero, Damon Delacroix. He’s a privateer who escorts two rich English girls to meet the husbands Papa has chosen for them, and he meanwhile bests Blackbeard to rescue Sofia, the stowaway who makes him her slave.

But I love Damon–and the real-life bad boys I’ve known–more for what they’ve taught me than for what they’ve made me lust after. When I was a good girl growing up in the 60’s I wanted to be a boy, because boys had all the power. Now, I want to be a bad boy. Not only do I want the power, I want to flaunt it!

You see, bad boys don’t just break the rules, they laugh at them! They write their own tickets and go where adventure takes them–without asking permission! Without caring whether anyone will like them! They take calculated risks without diddling away their time and energy on the calculations…the “what ifs” and the anxiety over potential consequences.

They create their lives rather than reacting to what life throws at them. And they have fun doing it!

Does that sound liberating, or what? If I could recover every moment I spent deliberating over choices, weighing potential consequences–and then shaking my head when my fears didn’t materialize–why, I’d recoup twenty years! I bet you would, too. It’s a woman’s job to agonize and organize, while making sure everyone else will pitch in and play nice and still like her, right?

Enough of that! While I don’t plan to take up privateering, or other death-defying occupations Damon and other bad boys are so good at, I’m adopting their attitude. I haven’t reached this point, where I live a damn fine life, by being clueless or incompetent or helpless: I have had the power to create this wonderful life all along, so it’s time to flaunt it. To revel in it! To give myself credit for being a compassionate, worthwhile person who’s earned some gratifying successes as a writer.

So I’m calling the shots! I’m going after what I really want instead of accepting other people’s ideas about what I should have. I’m in charge here, because I say so! Because I believe I am!

Will you take up your swords and believe with me? Believing is seeing, you know. Attitude is everything.

And here you thought this was going to be about sex.
(And yeah, it is.)


  1. I raise my sword to you Charlotte. :)

  2. Thanks, Dina! What a nice way to be greeted first thing this morning…with a raised sword! ; Sometimes writing erotica makes you see life in a whole ‘nother way!


  3. I love bad boys too! And I love that cover!

  4. Hi, Amy!

    Yeah, when I got those cover flats I knew we three authors in this antho had a big HIT. One of the gals in my RWA chapter jumped at the chance to review this book for our newsletter, saying “I want to lick him all over.”
    I’m thinking she has great taste…and he probably tastes pretty good, too! :D

  5. I am with you, Charlotte!
    Great cover.

  6. Hi Charlotte,
    What’s not to love about bad boys? I can’t wait to read how Sofia makes Damian her slave.

  7. OK, literary bad boys may be exciting as a fantasy, but watch out for real bad boys. The bad boy who was the object of my first crush back in grade school is serving time for arson.
    Barbara Scott

  8. yes they are hot . great cover

  9. whew that cover is hot…thanks for the inspiring post..

  10. Thanks for all your comments, and for checking the NINC blog…
    we only present the REALLY GOOD, PERTINENT info here.
    Covers and all!