- by Rebecca York

I am just coming to grips with winter. Every year I hope it’s not going to actually happen. We go along for days with cooler weather. Then it gets a little colder. Then suddenly–zap. It’s full-on freezing, and I want to wrap myself in blankets, close the shades and stay in my nice cozy house until spring.

But there are things I have to do. Or want to do. I mean, a big sale at the mall is worth going out in the cold for, right? And what about going over to my sister’s to play bridge? Or the local writers’ Christmas Party? Or a movie with a lot of action scenes, so I want to see it in the theater instead of DVD.

Still, I hate those first freezing minutes in the car before the heater kicks in. And I hate the walk from the car to the house in the dark when we come home late at night. Maybe if I saw a raccoon poking around, that would make it worth it. But they’re not stupid. They’re tucked in their burrows.

And I’d rather be in bed with a warm cat than out in the cold and dark.

The wind is blowing now. And in about an hour, my friend is going to call to tell me she’s on her way home from school. We’ve been going to the gym together for the past twenty years. It’s an obligation that we try not to break because each of us knows that the other is depending on her. We drag each other to the gym when neither of us wants to go.

Of course, there’s something worse than winter. Winter with snow. I’m currently in the phase where I’m hoping THAT won’t happen. Remember last year when the DC area was hit with seventy inches of the white stuff? Not good. And especially bad where I live–on a townhouse court that doesn’t get plowed for days after a storm. The neighbors get together to dig ourselves out. Invigorating, to be sure. And kind of fun in a neighborly way. But I’d rather invite them all over for a potluck.

So where are we going for Christmas? We could escape anywhere we want. A tropical island. Southern California. South America, where the seasons are reversed.

No–we’re going to Chicago, where it’s even colder than here. Am I crazy? Probably. But I was lured there by a good friend who has promised all kinds of fun activities. Fingers crossed that we don’t have to enjoy them in the snow.


  1. Forgot to say we’re taking the grandkids to zoo lights tonight. In the freezing cold. I do love holiday lights. I’m thinking about what to wear to stay warm.

    Really, I do love driving around in a nice warm car looking at light displays and listening to a thriller.


  2. Rebecca,

    Me too.

    Hate waiting for the car to warm up. Dislike wearing winter clothes. Really hate cold hands. I don’t know how, but I keep losing my gloves. I have one of each. They’re like that sock that mysteriously disappears in the dryer. I whine whenever I open the closet door and reach for that heavy winter coat.

    Even though, here in the mountains of Colorado, the temperatures have fallen below freezing, I still can not bring myself to put on boots. Fortunately, I work from home teaching online and writing. So far I have managed to endure a few quick trips to the grocery store in socks and sandals.

    I have to say that I do enjoy one beautiful snow fall during the holiday season. Snow and festive lights are meant to go together. One is all, though…

    …after that it’s time to trade white snow for coral sand, pine trees for palm trees, bitter cold wind for balmy tropical breezes, sweaters for sun dresses, and sandals minus the socks.


  3. I forgot to add the .com to my blog site.

    Silly me,

  4. Okay, one more time….third time, as they say.