New Rules, New Tools: Writers In Charge

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In October of 2010, something unique and exciting took place at St. Pete Beach in Florida.  Novelists, Inc (Ninc), the only international organization devoted to multi-published authors of fiction, along with experts from all facets of the publishing industry, came together to brainstorm the future of publishing, with astonishingly positive results.*

Now Ninc is going back to the beach October 19-23, 2011, and Ninc is out to top itself!

We’re going to keep to the same proven format, devoting the first day of the conference, The New Publishing — Welcome To Tomorrow, to an all-day array of panels featuring experts on the following subjects:

Session 1 – The New Publishing Landscape: familiarizing attendees with the range of options out there.  What are the numbers saying?  How does this relate to overall sales, to author income?  What do traditional publishers still offer?  What’s the advantage of the alternative publishers, and what do they look like?  What’s the best way to get your backlist out there?  What’s a vertical, and who is doing it particularly well?

Session 2 — Finding Your Readers: Going with the Pros; why the change in the publishing landscape requires driving consumers specifically toward your book and what the pros can do for them that you can’t or don’t want to do on your own.   What kind of marketing truly sells books?  Why are reviews more important than ever?  What other publicity is available?  What role does advertising play?  Why is effective research essential to a great campaign?  What does a successful social media campaign look like?

Session 3 – Finding Your Readers: Going it Alone; showing attendees how to build a marketing campaign for themselves, or how to supplement the campaign their publisher is offering. How much time is “a lot of time?”  How do you find bloggers, how can you determine if they have any readers, and how do you pitch them?  What packages are out there?  How do you build a useful social media arsenal, e-mail list, and web presence? How do you work with your local bookseller to increase your profile?

Session 4 – More Than Ever, It’s All About the Book: “content is king” means more now in the book world than it has in a long time; discussion of the market for enhanced e-books; what sorts of enhancements work for fiction; how apps supplement a novel.  What is a “twelve month novel,” and how do you keep readers connected to the author from one book to the next?

This essential one-day event is open to all writers ($150, including lunch and a buffet dinner), and to industry personnel (all conference offerings free of charge).

The main conference, New Rules, New Tools: Writers In Charge is then going to take these topics and run with them via an array of in-depth workshops; showing us all the how-to as well as the why-to, who-to, and when-to.  Discussing the future of publishing, knocking around ideas and predictions — these are good things to do.  But now it’s time to get hands-on, get busy.

Join Ninc, and, for just $285 (yes, you read that right – just $285!), enjoy the entire conference that will be taking place at the gorgeous Tradewinds Grand Island Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida (room rate, $129 plus tax):


You’ve always wanted to belong to Ninc, the only writers organization limited to multi-published authors of popular fiction.  There isn’t a better time to join.


The Ninc Conference Center at goes live January 1, 2011, although some information will be posted there sooner.

Join us in Florida October 19-23, 2011, for this exciting and essential conference!

Kasey Michaels

Conference Chair

*  “The 2010 Novelists Inc. conference gave me a new perspective on the ever-evolving business of publishing.  More important, it gave me a new sense of myself as an artist and entrepreneur.  I left the conference feeling enlightened, empowered, and energized.  My only complaint: not enough beach time, because the workshops and discussions were too informative, too provocative, too utterly wonderful to miss.  I can’t wait for 2011′s conference!”

Barbara Keiler

(Check out the 2010 Conference Center at, to see what Barbara and so many others experienced during Brainstorming On The Beach)


  1. Sounds like a must not miss!

  2. This sounds like an excellent conference. I’m posting the link on my LiveJournal!

  3. NINC 2010 was incredible! I’m really looking forward to another exceptional conference.

    The level of conversation – the timeliness and applicability of the information – made NINC 2010 conference one of the best, most informative publishing events of the year.