Writing a Long Term Series

- by Patricia Rosemoor

When I started The McKenna Legacy, I had nine characters in mind – three siblings in each of three families. For some reason, after I wrote the first three, my editor wanted me to try something else. And then they saw how much the readers liked the McKenna stories and asked me to write another. And then after a few more books, two more. And after another series, they asked me to concentrate on McKenna stories.

Of course when I started and gave my protagonists a legacy of danger, I had no idea of how difficult it might be to make each of those stories different and yet work to the original concept. So when I finished all nine books and my editor asked me to write another branch of the family, I didn’t go for the same legacy but made it a curse. Hum, even more difficult to make these stories different and yet work.

And despite that, having written 14 McKenna books now, I’m not ready to let them go. Each one is definitely an exercise in creativity and actually allows me to break some rules – again to make the story different from the others and to make it work.

In Deal Breaker, my July Intrigue, Bryce refuses to love and only marries Hailey as part of a business deal, but the attraction is there, and they have sex early without being in love. They are lifelong friends and Hailey had a teenage crush on Bryce. The curse made me do it. Hailey needs to be in danger. Bryce needs to become more protective of her. And their coming together physically brings them closer emotionally as needed.

Readers obviously love series because it seems every other author is writing connected books. Readers who missed my early The McKenna Legacy novels kept writing and asking how they could find them. Until recently, I could only guide them to used books online.

Now–since I never gave up my digital rights on the first three McKenna stories in the original series–I can bring them back myself. And I have. Readers can now find them individually or packaged together as The McKenna Legacy Trilogy.

We all know we’re in a new frontier of the publishing industry. Our books–and perhaps even our long term series–can go on forever.






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  1. Enjoyed hearing about your Legacy series. I started writing mystery-suspense as well as my cozy mystery series and enjoy them too. Thanks for sharing and good luck to all of us,