Marshall Field’s Christmas Memories

- by Patricia Rosemoor

Crimson DuetLast year, Entangled Publishing offered my two related holiday romantic suspense novels, HOLIDAY IN CRIMSON and NIGHTMARE IN CRIMSON, sold separately. This year, they are being offered together as CRIMSON DUET at a great discount.

As a child, I lived in the Chicago suburbs. I didn’t know much about the big city, nearly twenty miles away, except that I looked forward to Christmas, when Mom took me downtown to see the iconic Marshall Field’s windows on State Street.

When writing my holiday romantic mysteries, I wanted to use a department store like the one I loved as a child. I wanted to involve the Christmas windows. And I wanted the murder victim to be Santa Claus. As a matter of fact I killed him twice!

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Boxed In, but Nicely

- by Rebecca York

As an author, sometimes I feel like I’m caught in a time warp. I remember when my first novel, LOVE IS ELECTED, came out from Silhouette Romance (now Harlequin Romance) in 1982. Back when there were only a few romance lines competing for readers’ attention, LOVE IS ELECTED sold 260,000 copies. Today that would be unheard of for a category romance or for almost any other kind of book except by a must-read, top best-selling author.

Like most authors, over the years I’ve seen my sales numbers slip. But a few years ago at a NINC conference at the TradeWinds Resort in St. Pete Beach, I learned that a good way for published authors to increase their sales was with indie publishing. The lucky authors were the ones who had the rights to their backlists and could go into production quickly. My own backlist was tied up with Harlequin, and I had to write new material to get into the new market.

To date, I’ve sold about 45,000 indie books. But I see the market fragmenting, just as the romance market did. There are a lot of indie books out there—sold for very low prices. And I’m fighting for visibility just like everyone else.  Which is why authors are banding together for promotion. Last year I joined the Free ParTay ( where we advertise our books for free for a limited period, cross promote, and then raise our price to 99 cents for a short period—or longer.

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It’s All About The Animals

- by Patricia Rosemoor

AnimalInstincts500 FINAL ANIMAL INSTINCTS, my new urban fantasy romantic suspense novel, is all about the animals. Attending a couple of Humane Society meetings about passing laws to help stop dog fighting, I wanted to raise awareness by using murders related to dog fighting as my crime. It was quickly pointed out to me that readers would think of their pets, and so I took a left turn and made them shifter fights.

My hero, Luc Lazare, is half-human, half-Kindred, and he’s a man who has been pulled between his two worlds all of his life. His retired social worker mother is all human and has instilled the idea of caring and justice in him. The Kindred part is reference to his father’s line–descendents of the Nephilim (progeny of fallen angels and earthly women) who are shapeshifters. bigstock-Black-Leopard--Years--4788401Luc’s family is black panther, but other Kindred are other predators–wolves, hawks, African wild dogs, pythons and more. In their human form, their goal is to gain power by corrupting the rest of humanity.

My heroine, Skye Cross, is an animal advocate. She arrives with Animal Control at a dog fight, her purpose to see to the welfare of the dogs. To her surprise, the only dog she sees is an African Wild Dog. Read more…

Collaborating a Novel Collection

- by Patricia Rosemoor

DA coverNincers Patricia Rosemoor, Rebecca York, Dana Marton and Sharon Hamilton have banded together with six other successful romantic suspense authors to publish DANGEROUS ATTRACTION, a collection of their works–this includes Patricia’s SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS, Rebecca’s CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE, Dana’s DEATHSCAPE, and Sharon’s FALLEN SEAL LEGACY. The nature of the partnership is somewhat unusual, inthat a few of the authors are indie only, some are indie and digitally published, while others are hybrid–both indie and traditionally print-published. The collaboration comes not in the writing, but in the business of supporting and promoting each others’ work.

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