Adding Cover Art from the Media Library to your Post

(adapted from Joe Narssise’s instructions for posting)

If you have sent your cover art to be converted to blog format, it will be in the Media Library.  The filename will be “yourlastname-booktitle.jpg.”

As you’re composing your blog post, on the right hand side of the toolbar you’ll notice a section entitled Add Media which looks like this:

Add Media

Put your cursor in the post box where you want your cover art to appear.  Then click the first icon (add an image) and Wordpress will call up a secondary screen that looks like this:

Media Browse

Click on the “Media Library” link, the rightmost of the top three links.  This will take you to a page of thumbnails.  Scroll down and find your cover art, and click on “Show” to the right of it.  You will see your art and a page of options for caption, link, alignment, etc.  Add your choices for these, then select “Medium” at the bottom of the page, and click on “Insert into Post.”