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   Affinia Manhattan Hotel, New York City, NY

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Room Update

Rooms may by now be gone on Thursday 3/27 at the $219/rate; but Ninc has negotiated additional rooms for Thursday night at $249/night, which rate should still be available to you.

During the week of conference, on nights when conference rates are not available at the hotel, a special rate of $279/night is offered to Ninc members. It will NOT, however, be quoted to you by the reservations staff. Book your room for whatever the quoted rate is, then contact Assistant Conference Coordinator Holly Jacobs, who will get your rate adjusted.

Wow— has NINC got a great deal for you!
The Affinia Hotel – Manhattan, March 27-30, 2008

The Affinia-Manhattan has extended Ninc a great hotel rate for our 2008 Ninc Conference in New York City. Here are some features we just have to mention.

  • Special room rate of $219/night in the Ninc conference block.

  • All rooms are complete suites with lots of space and have kitchens—real money savers for those who don't want to eat out for every meal.

  • Location, location, location—at the corner of 31st Street and 7th Avenue, with easy access to food, entertainment, and famous sites.

  • On a first-come, first-served basis, a limited number of rooms are available on Wednesday, March 26, at the special Ninc $219 rate, for attendees who want to arrive a day early in New York.
 (Cut-off for hotel reservations at the conference rate is March 5, 2008.)

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The Affinia’s online concierge services are handled by Continental Guest Services. For more information and to make a reservation at least one day in advance of the scheduled pick-up at an airport, please visit their website:


The Affinia is located about a block away from Herald Square and Madison Square Garden and also near the Empire State Building. 

There is a Starbucks right across the street.  It has a large, airy lobby with an information booth right in the center.  The registration counter is a decent size, and each station has a dispenser of Snapple for guests to drink.  There is a large couch in the lobby near the registration desk (could hold about 10 people), and another two couches back to back in the foyer just outside the elevators. 

The only oddity about this hotel is the choice of decor in the public rooms.  The carpet looks very 70's, in a swirly pattern with hot pink, orange, blue, etc., even though it is new.  There are wide-open corridors outside each elevator bank, but hallways can narrow a bit when getting into the guest room sections.

The ballroom is on the main floor and is gorgeous!  It's more than large enough for our needs and decorated in ecru with crystal chandeliers and lots of natural light from the many windows

There are 5 normal sized elevators.  So, no huge delays getting to your room to refresh.

The guest rooms are ALL complete suites with full kitchens!  There is a stove, full size fridge, and microwave.  Our attendees could bring back leftovers from restaurants to put in the fridge and reheat later.  The desk also comes apart to make two tables, in case roommates both want to set up the laptops at the same time. :) 

There is a guest packet in each room, consisting of a portable CD player with a CD for touring the city, maps, and guidebooks.  The guests are welcome to use these things during their stay, but the materials have to stay in the room at checkout.  Guests will be charged for any missing materials.

Some of the guest room bathrooms are small, but the rooms are also all suites, so there is no lack of room anywhere else.  Internet is $9.95 a day.  There are plenty of double doubles and kings in the hotel.

The hotel gets all its catering from the restaurant next door.  The restaurant also handles all the room service for the hotel.  The Affinia seemed very eager to have NINC hold the conference at the hotel.