New York City Conference
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   Affinia Manhattan Hotel, New York City, NY

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News Flash!

List of Speakers and Industry Guests

Shannon Aviles, Independent Publicist
Donna Bagdasarian, Agent, Maria Carvanis Agency
Loretta Barrett, Agent, Loretta Barrett Books
Joshua Bilmes, Agent, Jabberwocky Literary Agency
Sarah Chance Breivogel, Publicity Manager, Crown Publishers
Jamie Brickhouse, Director, Harpercollins Speaker Bureau
Joshua Bell, Agent, Spectrum Literary Agency
Tom Colgan, Executive Editor, Berkley PrimeCrime
Nadia Cornier, Agent, Firebrand Literary Agency
Kate Duffy, Editorial Director, Kensington Publishing Company
Jennifer Enderlin, VP and  Executive Editor, St. Martin's Press
Tracy Farrell, Executive Editor, HQN/Luna
Jessica Faust, Agent, Bookends LLC
Diana Gill, Executive Editor, HarperCollins
Evan Goldfried, Agent, William Morris Agency
Robert Gottlieb, Agent, Trident Media Group
Sharon Heede, Independent Publicist
Jill Hurst, Writer/Producer, The Guiding Light
Melissa Jeglinski, Senior Editor, Silhouette Books
Dennis Loy Johnson, Publisher, Melville House
Emily Sylvan Kim, Agent, Prospect Agency
Alisa Kwitney, Author, Editor, DC comics
Carl Lennertz, Director of Marketing, HarperCollins
Donald Maass, Agent, Donald Maass Literary
Agency Lucia Macro, Executive Editor, William Morrow/Avon
Daisy Maryles, Executive Editor, Publishers Weekly
Wendy McCurdy, Executive Editor, Berkley
Lauren McKenna, Executive Editor, Simon & Schuster - Pocket Books
Dallas Middaugh, Associate Publisher, Del Rey/Random House
Betsy Mitchell, Executive Editor and VP, Del Rey/Random House
Dianne Moggy, Editorial Director, Harlequin Global Single Title
Tricia Narwani, Associate Publisher, Del Rey/Random House
Erin Niumata, Agent, Folio Literary Agency
Heather Osborn, Editor, Tor Books
Amy Pierpont, Senior Editor, Grand Central Publishing
Lori Perkins, Agent, Lori Perkins Agency
Theresa Rebeck, Author and Playwright
Peter Rubie, Agent, FinePrint Literary Management
Jennifer Schober, Agent, Spencerhill Associates
Liz Scheier, Senior Editor, Random House
Patience Smith, Senior Editor, Harlequin/Silhouette Books
Karen Solem, Agent, Spencerhill Associates
Shauna Summers, Senior Editor, Bantam Dell
GB Tran, Artist
Ann Leslie Tuttle, Associate Senior Editor, Silhouette Books
Barbara Vey,  Contributing Editor, Publishers Weekly
Lois Winston, Agent, Ashley Grayson Agency
David Wolf, Attorney, Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams, & Sheppard LLP
Michelle Wolfson, Agent, Wolfson Literary Agency
Eleanor Wood, Agent, Spectrum Literary Agency
Nancy Yost, Agent, Lowenstein-Yost Associates, Inc.

Room Update

Rooms may by now be gone on Thursday 3/27 at the $219/rate; but Ninc has negotiated additional rooms for Thursday night at $249/night, which rate should still be available to you.

During the week of conference, on nights when conference rates are not available at the hotel, a special rate of $279/night is offered to Ninc members. It will NOT, however, be quoted to you by the reservations staff. Book your room for whatever the quoted rate is, then contact Assistant Conference Coordinator Holly Jacobs, who will get your rate adjusted.

What can NINC offer that other conferences don’t? 

I asked Pat McLinn and Laura Resnick to comment as President and President Elect.  Since they are both strong-minded professionals, I thought it best to give them a forum to tell you:

Pat McLinn, President:

Reasons I have attended all but one NINC conference since my first one:

The rest of the year, I hear news, gain insights and receive support from personal friends and connections in the business. At NINC conferences, that circle widens to many generous colleagues, who share their experiences in navigating around -- or climbing out of -- pitfalls.

I have -- by far -- the most opportunities to discuss with editors and agents as peers.

I encounter new and interesting people at the beginning of a conference and actually have opportunities to talk to them again, rather than have them disappear into a mad vortex of attendees.

Very few questions from the audience have every made me want to roll my eyes. (And I'm an eye-roller from way back.)

My question-asking addiction has been reinforced by fellow attendees . . . and once in a while a question elicits an interesting response.

I have met at least half of the people I now consider trust-them-to-have-my-back friends at NINC conferences. The other half come from every other writing event and all other life experiences I've had -- that's a heck of a percentage from one event!

Even rarer -- I have a sense that the attendees are all pulling for each other. Not to get all touchy-feely here, but there is a stronger sense of comradeship at NINC conferences than any other I've experienced.

I've learned a lot: I can actually look at crime scene photos with scientific detachment. I can whittle down what's most important to me to one slip of paper. I will never be a martial arts warrior.  Politics is not the only profession of boloney-throwers.

I have never laughed as hard as I have at NINC conferences.

Because I said so.

   - Pat McLinn, President, Novelists Inc.

Those in the know-- Committee Reports

We have a lot more info to come but here is a taste of what is happening.  The full schedule will be available in late August in the registration information.

Entertainment Attorney, David Wolf, will tell us about the NINC legal defense fund and why we might need it

Hear Donald Maass,  Peter Rubie, and Joshua Bilme tell us about what it takes to achieve the breakout career.

What’s going on in publishing? Publisher Weekly’s Executive Editor, Daisy Maryles, and other industry professionals will be on hand to give us some insight.

Struggling with the courage of your writing convictions?  Bestselling author Jennifer Crusie and her editor, Jennifer Enderlin, and Meg Ruley are planning a workshop every published author needs to hear.  

Care to participate in a frank, unstructured chat with several editors? You’ll have that chance at our Editor/Author Roundtables.

If you’re having a struggle finding an agent even though you’re multi-pubbed, our Saturday afternoon agents' panel will be addressing just that issue. Come prepared with some hard-hitting questions!

Jill Hurst, Soap opera writer and television producer will give us a glimpse of her writing world.

Have you noticed what’s happening in the YA market lately? Best-selling YA author Niki Burnham, and Agent Nadier Cornier will talk to us about this recent explosion and why this market is hot property.

Outrageous tidbits! 

Remember the Naked Cowboy in Times Square, he could be changing his technique.  Instead of wearing his cute little jockey’s, he could be wearing a tattoo instead. If the weather’s nippy, he’ll have no trouble hitting those high notes.   Ouch!