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Brainstorming: The Future of Publishing

Thursday, October 7, 2010

While the conference itself is open only to Ninc members, our special one-day program, Brainstorming The Future of Publishing, is so important we felt it incumbent upon us to open the day to all writers.

This is not a day for hobbyists, or those seeking out editors or agents, nor is it a day to study the craft of writing.  This is a day devoted to one thing and one thing only:  the future of publishing.  The business of the business. 

Those interested may register using the form below.  The cost is $50 for the morning sessions, $50 for the afternoon sessions, or $75 for the full day.  We are also offering lunch with those attending for $29, and/or a buffet dinner for $38.  Once registered, someone from Ninc will be in touch to assist registrants with meal registration and/or hotel reservations at the low conference rate if they so wish.

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