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The Ninc Binder:
A Comprehensive Guide to
the New World of Publishing

So, What Is This Thing Anyway
… and Why?

Guide to the New World of Publishing
 Download A Comprehensive
Guide to the New World
of Publishing

The clock on my microwave isn’t still blinking 12:00, I’m not quite that bad. I mean, I can learn. But over the years I’ve decided two things. One, if I ever wrote an instruction manual, it would be in Simple Language that didn’t make me feel stupid if I didn’t know going-in what a left-handed flange is. And two, there are more of me out there than there are left-handed flange experts!

When I approached the Ninc board with my idea for the Ninc Binder, it was with the idea that it would be written by experts for non-experts, with the caveat that if I didn’t understand something, chances were that lots of other people wouldn’t understand it either. It had to be information that, when I read it, people could actually see that light bulb of understanding go off over my head. Thus explaining why it took a year to get this thing together!

But, oh my, look what they came up with:

  • A Glossary of terms, right there at the beginning, and written in language that doesn’t have you hunting up a dictionary in order to understand the definition.

  • How-to explanations with examples, taking you step-by-step through the e-book process, soup to nuts…or Vision to Sales (I like that second one better…).

  • Solid, easily understood advice from a stellar array of experts, presented in a friendly, non-threatening way.

  • Links everywhere. Not just a vague “see more online,” but “here’s the link to that page.”

We are all aware that the publishing world is moving at the speed of light in the area of delivery systems for writers’ works, promotional avenues, social media, and more.

That’s why the Binder is, well, in a loose-leaf binder. It is meant to be a fluid document. Use it now, add information as you find it, keep your own notes in it, delete what may become outdated. Mark it up with highlight pens, scribble notes in the margins…and keep everything you need all in one place. Ah, Nirvana!

Those who attended the 2011 annual conference received the printed version and loose-leaf binder; those of you who download the binder from the Ninc website may wish to compile your own loose-leaf binder.

And that’s the real beauty of the thing! Keep the Binder on your desk for hands-on reference; download a copy to your computer for quick, easy use of all those lovely hotlinks. Like this one, that takes you to the only professional writers organization dedicated to the needs of the multi-published author, join Novelists, Inc.

See how easy that was?

We all can learn. The process just doesn’t need to be all that intimidating anymore!

Kasey Michaels
2011 Ninc Conference Chair
New Rules, New Tools: Writers In Charge

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