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How Is a Gunshot Wound to the Chest Treated?

from Forensic Files
By D. P. Lyle, MD 

Q: My character suffers three small caliber gunshot wounds to his lungs with a not-so-good time lapse before hospitalization (say half an hour, maybe 45 minutes) and pretty bad internal bleeding. How would they treat him? Surgery to repair the internal wounds and stop the bleeding? What about the lung tissue? Then post-op: what drugs might be used and what medical concerns might arise? In the end, a friend smuggles him out of the hospital, because he'd rather die at his apartment. Would this work?

A: What happens to your shooting victim and how he is treated depends upon what injuries he received.

A gunshot wound (GSW) can be a minor flesh wound or can be immediately deadly or anywhere in between.

It all depends on the caliber and speed of the bullet and the exact structures it hits. A shot to the heart might kill instantly or not. ...

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