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Submit this form to apply for membership in Novelists, Inc. Your application will be presented to the membership for approval before the application process is complete. The application process normally takes 6-8 weeks.

Payment in full by credit card or PayPal must accompany all online applications. Our payment site is secure, but if you do not wish to pay online, you may download a Ninc Membership Application form pdf icon.

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I have published at least two novels over 50,000 words with a traditional, royalty-paying publisher, with an advance of at least $2000 each, or with royalty earnings over $2000 each in a 12-month period.


I have independently published at least two novels over 50,000 words, with earnings of at least $5000 each in a 12-month period (proof of earnings will be requested).

Please list your most recent titles (maximum three). Include publisher, publisher's address, and the format in which the book is published (hardback, trade paperback, mass market or e-book).

I am interested in helping with the following:

Annual Conference
Conference site selection
Digital Rights Issues
Special Projects

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Generally, dues are a deductible expense if paid in the course of your trade or business. Dues and contributions to NINC's special funds are not considered charitable deductions under IRS rules.

Are you a citizen of the United States (living in the USA or abroad) OR a legal resident of the United States? No, I am neither. (If you checked this box, you can skip the Authors Coalition Survey below.)

If you are either a US citizen or a legal resident of the USA, please make certain to fill out the Authors Coalition Survey, below.

Authors Coalition Survey

The Author Coalition Survey MUST BE COMPLETED for your application to be processed. PLEASE READ AND COMPLETE.

For the past year, Novelists Inc. has been working with many other author groups as part of the Authors Coalition to reclaim non-title specific royalties from photocopies made abroad. With your help, in the past year Novelists, Inc. has collected approximately $20,000, which has allowed us to publish our newsletter, has allowed us to run our yearly First Word conferences open to all novelists, to produce the ebook publishing information binder which anyone can download at our NINC web site, as well as continue to make available key monthly articles from our NINK newsletter to anyone who visits our web site.

Our share of the money collected is determined by the responses that we get from the genre survey below; your prompt and accurate answers will determine how much money we receive in the coming year.

Please check the categories to which you belong, i.e., in which you qualify as a published author. (Please do not check more than one genre for one piece of work, i.e., the same book cannot qualify you as both a nonfiction author and a textbook author. You should, however, check either or both formats, as appropriate.) For purposes of this survey, a "published" work means that 1) the work is reasonably capable of being photocopied abroad and is not self-published, or 2) if the work is self-published, that there have been no fewer than 1,000 copies sold, that the work is commercially distributed outside the U.S. and is reasonably capable of being photocopied abroad. For purposes of this survey, author-subsidized publications shall be considered self-published. We know that the list is not inclusive, but all Coalition members must use this list because this is how foreign reprographic rights organizations conduct their surveys to determine what kinds of non-title specific words are being photocopied.

Electronic Paper Print  
10 11 Nonfiction book author (If you checked this box, you must also check one or more of the sub-types below. Do not check more than one box for one piece of work, i.e., the same book cannot qualify you as both a Textbook and Nonfiction Other author; however, you may check two or more boxes for two or more different pieces of work.)
  12 13 Textbook author (instructional material)
  14 15 Academic author (scholarly work primarily for other academicians)
  16 17 Other nonfiction book author
20 21 Nonfiction book or journal translator
30 31 Art, music, theater, film or literature critic
40 41 Journalist, including freelancers (nonfiction writing for a periodical such as a newspaper, magazine, or newsletter)
50 51 Newspaper Editor
60 61 Technical and Professional Press Editor
70 71 Author or translator of fiction, poetry and drama
80 81 Music author
90 91 Designer and illustrator
100 101 Visual artists
  (One whose work is the reproduction of another's or one's own original artistic expression. Examples: the photograph of a museum piece, the illustration of a blueprint, the sketch of a scientific diagram.)
110 111 Arts and Crafts Designers
120 121 Photographers, fine arts and professional

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Note: There is a $20 surcharge, to cover postal fees, for members outside the U.S. who subscribe to the monthly newsletter in hardcopy format. There is no surcharge for non-U.S. members who choose electronic delivery of the newsletter, which offers extra content not available in the printed format.

By continuing, I hereby affirm that I am a published author
in the categories I have checked.

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