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December 2011   •  Vol. 22, No. 12   •  Download pdf version

Writers in Charge


Promoting Your Work
In 2011 And Beyond

Panelists: Joan Schulhafer, Schulhafer Publishing and Media Consulting; Rebecca Crowley, RTC Publicity; Sheila Clover English, Marketing and Multi-media Specialist; Mark Milot, President, Radiator Media; Billy Hume, CEO, Radiator Media


Ten years ago, Sheila English began making book trailers, and is now with Circle of Seven Productions ( Despite what you hear, she said, book trailers aren’t dead, and will live as long as there is YouTube. Videos are an excellent means for search engine optimization, but an author website should be every author’s Number One means of promotion and should be connected to Facebook and Twitter. However, she cautions that sites such as Facebook can’t be depended upon to provide promotional support forever, or to maintain contacts forever. Things can change quickly. For example, if an author mistakenly

Table of Contents

President’s Voice: It’s Been an Honor
New! Rules. New! Tools.: The Recap
   Challenges of Copyright in the Internet Age
   Editors on the Digital Frontier
   You’re Terminated! The Ultimate Solution To U.S.
      Rights Reversion
   Looking Good, Selling More
   Have You Heard?
Not Your Usual Writing Advice: Alpha State
Writing Is Taxing: Filing or Paying Late Can Cost
The Mad Scribbler: No Size “Fits All”

announces a contest and Facebook takes down the page, all those valuable data and contacts will be lost.

Joan Schulhafer ( emphasized that content on an author website is important. Keep it fresh, and find out what people respond to most on the site.

She keeps an Excel spreadsheet to chart which reviewers reviewed which book, and includes anything of interest that she might learn about the reviewers in order to create a personal connection to them. She pointed out that authors sending out press releases should be sure to send their publicists a copy to keep them in the loop.

Rebecca Crowley ( suggested that authors seeking help with publicity should look for people who are passionate    Continued on page 4 

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