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August 2012   •  Vol. 23, No. 08   •  Download pdf version

An Introduction to Kindleboards


It seems there are new social media sites developed every day, and they can all become overwhelming when trying to add promotional responsibilities on top of deadlines. I’ve spent the last year trying a little bit of everything—weeding out what didn’t work for me, and embracing the things that did. And to be honest, what works for me isn’t always going to work for everyone else. The one thing I’ve learned in this business is that you’ve got to take some chances and try things that might take you outside your comfort zone. As an introvert (as most of us probably are), I can do just what I need from the safety and comfort of my writing chair without having to be too sociable. I hadn’t even heard of Kindleboards until I started doing research on self-publishing a year ago, but it’s become one of the most useful tools for marketing I know.

Kindleboards began as a reader forum for those who owned a Kindle, though that isn’t a requirement to belong to the group. It has more than 61,000 members (only an estimated 5,000 are authors), and a variety of message boards that let fans talk about the books they love most, as well as letting them give recommendations of their favorite reads. The people who are members of Kindleboards all have one thing in common— they love to read.

KB is not only a fantastic place to find new books, but it’s a gold mine as far as finding readers and connecting with them. There aren’t a lot of other places where you can find that many avid readers in one place.

I can find those who love to read mysteries or thrillers, romance or sci-fi. They’re all there. I’ve also met those who will be fans for life, and others who will be friends for life. Kindleboards is a great place to be.

What makes it really great is that any time I post a new thread or take part in a discussion, I notice an immediate uptick in sales.

The biggest reason for the sales jump is my signature line. All of my book covers are in my signature line, and they link directly to that book’s Amazon page. It’s a quick impulse buy from readers who were drawn in by

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my covers or who liked what I had to say. I also get an enormous number of website hits from Kindleboards.

The people on this forum are curious about who they’re conversing with, but they’re not afraid to take chances on new authors. Like I said, they love to read.

The thing you have to understand about Kindleboards is that, for the most part, it is strictly a reader forum, and they don’t like it when authors go in and try to promote their books when they’re trying to have a serious discussion about Stephen King. In fact, they can get downright nasty,      Continued on page 5 

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