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An Introduction to Kindleboards

Continued from page 1      but it’s a simple matter of making sure you read the forum decorum before you make your first post. It’s a well-moderated forum, so things never get too out of hand. In fact, it’s one of the best moderated and cordial forums I’ve ever belonged to. Just use your best judgment and read the rules.

In the last couple of years, they’ve added the Writer’s Café to the Kindleboards. This is the only area on Kindleboards where writers can talk about craft, covers, plot issues, bad reviews, etc. And it’s the only place where you can promote your books (in the Book Bazaar). It’s also a great place to get information from other writers. If you have a question about anything, most likely someone on KB has an answer. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from the other authors there, and they’re all willing to share what is working for them. Just like any place you go, KB has its fair share of dumba**es, but they’re mostly ignored and that topic is probably best left for an entirely different kind of article for Nink.

The other great thing about the Writer’s Café is that it’s not restricted to writers. Those 61,000 members who love to read lurk in the Writer’s Café because they want to know what we’re working on, what problems we face, and about our successes and even our failures. They’re there to see when we post that we have a new release out, and they’re watching when we have a book go on sale or go free. And if they love your book, they go back to the reader message boards and spread the word about the great new author they just discovered.

I’m convinced there is no better place to find a target audience that large anywhere else online.

Liliana Hart is the author of both the Addison Holmes and J.J. Graves mystery series, as well as the MacKenzie Family romance series. Since self-publishing a little over a year ago, she’s sold more than 300,000 copies of her books. She can be reached at or through her website at

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