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Win a Seat at the Table!

The NincThink Roundtable, that is. Last month, we announced a new type of session for the conference— NincThink Roundtables. Since our theme this year is Profitable Partnerships, we wanted to find a way to drive home the reality that in this brave new publishing world, everyone gets to play.

Maybe this sounds idealistic, but we believe that NINC should lead the way in modeling this new truth: It’s not “electronic vs. traditional,” “indie vs. legacy” or “authors vs. publishers” or any other “us vs. them” model. We want to send the message that NINC is about getting rid of those distinctions and working together to get top-quality novels to awesome readers.

We decided a fun way to do this would be by using a Roundtable format in addition to our already great panel, workshop, and night owl sessions. As we explained last month, each Roundtable will have 12 participants, consisting of about equal numbers of industry guests and NINC members. Each participant will submit a discussion question, and the 12-person group will have a casual conversation in response to those questions.

Audience members will be able to sit in on the conversations, although the audience won’t be allowed to ask questions or participate in the discussion.

It’s a format meant to emphasize partnership among professional peers and give authors and industry guests an equal voice to discuss important topics. For detailed information on the Roundtable topics, go to this page on the NINC website:

Now, to make these NincThink Roundtable sessions happen what we need is…you.

If you are a NINC member, we want to hear your voice. There will be 10 Roundtable sessions, and we will need six to seven NINC members to appear on each—which means we need between 60 and 70 NINC members to sign up for Roundtables. If we don’t have you, we can’t have the Roundtable sessions. Simple as that.

We decided to create a fun way to assign all those slots. Not a drawing. Not a plain old sign-up. And   

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