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we’re certainly not going to hand-pick all those people! Instead, since everyone gets to play, we are having…

*cue drumroll*
*ahem…DRUMROLL, please!*
*better, thanks*

A Contest: The Great Novelists, Inc. NincThink Challenge

(And, no, the contest is not who can actually say that aloud five times fast!)
*cue applause and cheering*

Here’s how it will work:

Early in September, for five days, we’ll post once a day on the NINC Blog. Each day we’ll be opening slots for two Roundtables (we’ll post that schedule later so you know which Roundtables are being opened on each day of the contest.) We will announce the dates of the contest on the NincLink loop as well as the Conference Loop, so don’t worry—you’ll know when it is.

The blog posts will each have a clue about one of our industry guests (and a few links to point you in the right direction). What you have to do is figure out the right answer, and then click on the registration link.

The registration link is password protected. The answer to the clue will be the password. If you get it right, you’ll unlock the registration page and can sign up for one of the two Roundtables in play that day.

When our slots are full for the day, we’ll edit the post to say so. And then we’ll do it all over again the next day.

(If any of you participated in the contest to be a beta-tester for the Pottermore website last summer, you’ll recognize that we sort of borrowed the concept from there and tweaked it a bit. We solemnly promise not to open the contest in the middle of the night, though!)

We hope you all will get into the spirit of the game and help make our debut Roundtable sessions a huge success.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to enter the Challenge:

Register for the NINC Conference: you MUST be registered and fully paid up by August 31, 2012 in order to participate in the Challenge. (To forestall questions on this—if your NINC membership is in process and you can’t get registered by the deadline, please email Kelly McClymer ASAP so that we can help you with this. We think new NINC members are awesomely cool, and we’d love to have you at the conference and on our Roundtables.)

Sign up for the NINC Conference Loop: Kelly McClymer sends out an invitation to the Conference Loop shortly after you register for the conference. We will be announcing the contest schedule on that loop and providing more information and answering questions, so it is essential for you to subscribe to that loop after you register.

Check out the Roundtable page on the NINC Conference website to find out what topics are being offered and which industry guests will be on each one. (Or look at the list on page 8 for a quick tease about the topics.) Each day of the contest, we will open slots for two Roundtables. You can only win a slot for one Roundtable (you can keep trying until you win a slot!). So you’ll need to plan ahead and decide which Roundtables you would be interested in participating on before the contest begins, and then throw your hat in the ring.

Tell your NINC friends about the Challenge, especially if they aren’t good at paying attention to the loop or the newsletter. Make sure they get registered by the deadline. Friends don’t let friends miss out on the NincThink Challenge!

We can’t wait to see which of you end up on the Roundtables! They’re going to be fabulous, thanks to you and thanks to our industry guests.

So be watching…

The Great Novelists, Inc NincThink Challenge is coming!

Questions? Email Meredith Efken ( or Kelly McClymer (   

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