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Roundtables with a focus on Traditional publishing:

“Know When To Hold Them, Know When To Fold Them” Decision Making in a Tough Market will focus on the process of decision making, including issues related to contracts, options, working relationships, and more. Industry Guests: Nina Taublib (Putnam), Wendy McCurdy (Berkley/Penguin), Donald Maass (Maass Agency), Lou Aronica (FictionStudio), Jim McCarthy (Dystel & Goderich)

Subsidiary Rights and Tie-in Products will be about which subsidiary and tie-in options are important to pursue, to fight to retain, as well as which ones aren’t, and whether those rights important enough to look for an agent who will sell them. Industry Guests: Larry Norton (InScribe Digital), Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks), Elizabeth Jennings (author/translator)

Roundtables with a focus on Indie/e-Book publishing:

What Does “Quality Fiction” Mean? will be a continuation of the panel topic from Thursday about “quality”—How is the definition of that concept changing now that readers serve as gatekeepers in the new marketplace? Industry Guests: Lauren Abramo (Dystel & Goderich), Jen Talty (Cool Gus Publishing), Lisa Stone Hardt (freelance editor), Pam Headrick (e-Book designer) “Penny-wise, Pound-Foolish” Sales Strategies will focus on specific sales strategies for selling e-books, particularly self-published ones. Industry Guests: Jen Talty, Julie Ortolon (bestselling author), Rachel Chou (Open Road Publishing), Dan Slater (Amazon)

Roundtables focusing on both Traditional and Indie publishing:

Role of the Agent in a Changing Marketplace will focus on how agents serve the needs of the traditional and self-published authors they represent with respect to conflict of interest issues, open communication, the scope or limitations of agency agreements, and other agent-related topics. Industry Guests: Jennifer Brehl (William Morrow), Nita Taublib, Donald Maass, Robert Gottlieb (Trident Media), Jim McCarthy

Going Indie or Going Traditional? will be an open, wide-ranging conversation about the thought processes of authors and the mindset of industry insiders with respect to this very personal decision. Industry Guests: Jennifer Brehl, Dominique Raccah, Wendy McCurdy, Jen Talty, Dan Slater (Amazon), Barbara Freethy (bestselling author)

Promotion Planning will cover topics such as developing a marketing/promotion plan to best suit the author and the books, as well as how to evaluate the plan’s success and how to work with the team you pull together, from artists to publishers to booksellers. Industry Guests: Barbara Freethy, Larry Norton, Thubten Comerford (social media expert), Rachel Chou

Nurturing the Creative Spirit in a Number-Crunching World will address the creative process and how to handle burn-out, discouragement, and other issues that affect authors and impact the publishing team. Industry Guests: Dominique Raccah, Jane Dystel (Dystel & Goderich), Sue Grimshaw (Random House), Kim Killion (cover designer/author), Melissa Rosati (creativity coach), Lou Aronica

In the Other Person’s Shoes—How to Work with Your Support Team will be about business communication (and miscommunication), etiquette, supportive relationships, and all the other things we need to understand to build strong working partnerships with our publishing teams. Industry Guests: Barbara Freethy, Thubten Comerford, Jen Talty, Kim Killion, Lisa Stone Hardt

Creatively Connecting with Readers will be a candid conversation about who our readers are, what attracts them to our books, what they want (and don’t want) from us, and will draw on the knowledge and experience of audience-focused writers and market-focused industry guests. Industry Guests: Larry Norton, Dominique Raccah, Rachel Chou, Sue Grimshaw, Pam Headrick

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