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Coming Soon…NINCThink Roundtables
at NINC-NY 2012


The last few conferences have been about authors retaking control of their careers and their publishing decisions. This year, we’re all about using that new sense of empowerment to create strategic partnerships within the publishing industry to accomplish our writing goals.

With that in mind, we have a line-up of top industry professionals from publishing houses, e-retailers, social networking sites, and freelance services, as well as independent authors ready to share their experiences and insights with us.

But we didn’t want to stop there. Partnerships go both ways—and NINC members are also a wealth of insight and experience. The concept of “partnership” implies a two-way, peer relationship, in which both parties work together and benefit from each other.

We wanted to model this truth at the conference, so we invented a new type of session this year.

Is it a panel???

Is it a workshop???

No! It’s NINCThink—an innovative series of roundtable discussions bringing together our conference speakers, industry guests, and…you.

There are 10 Roundtables—you can see the descriptions of each on the conference website. Each roundtable will have 12 participants comprising five to six industry guests/speakers, and six to seven NINC members.

For one hour, all 12 participants will discuss the main topic of the roundtable. It’s an informal, chatty conversation among colleagues. The goal is to exchange ideas, discuss problems, and learn from each other, peer to peer.   

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