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Each participant will be asked to submit ahead of time one question relating to the topic. One NINC member will be asked to be the group moderator and will randomly choose the questions. The group will try to get through as many of the 12 questions as possible in the hour.

The roundtable sessions will be open-door; conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to sit in and eavesdrop on the discussion. However, there will be no audience participation. Additionally, since we want these conversations to be as candid as possible, we are making the NINCThink Roundtables a strictly “Twitter Free” zone. This prohibition will include any form of live-blogging or social network updating on any platform.

The Roundtable page on the NINC website lists the industry professionals we’ve asked to sit in on each session. Want to discuss how to creatively connect with readers with Julia Coblentz from B&N? How about a conversation with Donald Maass and Robert Gottlieb about the changing roles of agents, and how that impacts both indie and traditional authors? Are subsidiary rights your hot button? Got something to share, or do you need advice about decision-making in a tough market? Take a look at the Roundtable page and see which topics interest you and which of our guests you would most like to have a discussion with. There’s something there for everyone—indie and traditional author alike.

Here is our updated roster of
featured speakers and guests:

Robert Gottlieb, Chairman, Trident Media Group
Dan Slater, Director of Author and Vendor Relations, Amazon Kindle
Julia Coblentz, Senior Marketing Manager, PubIt
Dominique Raccah, Publisher, Sourcebooks
Barbara Freethy, Bestselling Author
Donald Maass, Donald Maass Literary Agency
Larry Norton, VP Business Development, InScribe Digital
Thubten Comerford, CEO, WePost Media
Jane Dystel, VP of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
Patrick Brown, Community Director, Goodreads
Jennifer Brehl, Editorial Director, William Morrow
Nita Taublib, Editor, Open Road Media (and former Publisher of Bantam)
Jen Talty, COO, Cool Gus Publishing

This is important, because, see…this won’t work without you. We need six to seven NINC members on each Roundtable. That’s 60 to 70 NINC members! Each of you have something valuable to add to one of the discussions, and we hope you are as eager to join in as we are to hear from you.

But here’s the deal—you have to be registered and paid up for the conference by August 31 in order to have a chance at one of the Roundtable slots. In September, you’ll have a chance to win a slot by taking part in a fun, easy online contest that we’ll be announcing in August.

But only people who are registered and have paid in full for the conference will be eligible to participate.

So if you haven’t registered yet, please do! We are looking forward to benefitting from your thoughts and expertise on one of the NINCThink Roundtables.

Check out the topics and which industry guests are participating in which discussion, and think about what Roundtable you’d like to be on. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Business Briefs

First Quarter 2012 Sales from AAP StatShot

Adult e-books are up 28.1 percent, hardcovers are up 2 percent, trade paperbacks are down 10.5 percent, and mass market sales are down 20.8 percent. Total sale of adult books is up by 1.8 percent.

PW Daily

Books-A-Million Purchase Being Questioned

The Anderson family attempt to purchase the outstanding share for BAM is getting a lot of attention. The bid for the remaining shares is in the first quarter filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The opponents are talking “low-ball” in terms of the Anderson offer, and there are seven stockholder lawsuits. The special committee reviewing the Anderson offer has no deadline on when it will give its opinion.

PW Daily

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