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The Laird's Forbidden Lady by Ann Lethbridge (Harlequin Historicals) July 2012 ISBN 978-0373296972

Ian Gilvry, Laird of Dunross, is as rough and wild as the Highland heather. Yet the return of Sassenach Selina and her family to claim his land ignites hatred and passion in equal measure.

Lady Selina is torn between family loyalty and wanton need for Ian. Tricked into marriage, she finds the laird fulfills her every burning desire. But Ian is a man bound by duty.

Can Selina be sure that his heart belongs not only to his clan...but also to the woman he has made his wife?

Timeless Innocents by Janis Susan May (Carina Press) June 2012 ISBN 9781426893926

When Brianna Forte is made executor of the Clerkwells' estate, she thinks it will be a simple task to catalogue and liquidate their assets. After all, they lived very modestly, their only apparent interest in life being a large collection of eerily lifelike little figurines called Timeless Innocents.

Exquisitely crafted, yet somehow ominously creepy, the figurines are all different and made of some hard, fleshlike material. When a parade of sinister characters turn up demanding she sell them the figures, Brianna begins to investigate their origin—and what she learns will change her life forever….

The Marquess by Patricia Rice (Book View Cafe reissue) June 2012 ISBN 978-1-61138-173-3

Scarred in a duel over a feckless woman, Gavin Lawrence takes up his new duty as marquess, vowing never to care again. But lurking in the secret passages of his crumbling manor is a young woman in terrible danger.

Dillian guards her injured cousin after an attempt on both their lives. She hadn’t expected the new marquess to notice her, but his refusal to believe she’s a ghost turns into a hide-and-seek game. A game in which irritation turns to intrigue, and intrigue to a forbidden passion as the real villain emerges from the past.

Business Briefs

Letter Writing Campaign against the DOJ suit

Simon Lipskar, an agent at Writers House and an Association of Authors Representatives Digital Rights Committee member, sent a letter to the Department of Justice about its suit against publishers ( . It was followed by a letter from AAR president Gail Hochman, who also wrote to AAR members, encouraging them to send their own letters to the DOJ. The member letter included a copy of the AAR board’s letter, which you can read here:

PW Daily

BAM v. Andersons

The possible takeover of Books-A-Million by the Anderson family remains on the table. The BAM board appointed a special committee to look at the Anderson proposal to privatize the company’s holdings and purchase outstanding shares of stock. The $3.05 a share price has drawn scorn from many observers as being too low.

PW Daily

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