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Maybe it isn’t important whether I live a life that appears to me similar in uncanny and beautiful ways to details in my stories. Maybe I haven’t created the similarities. Maybe the coincidences are there to remind me we are all connected to each other more deeply than we know on a conscious level.

“I’m beginning to get a bit leery about the plot line of my next thriller,” Marianna wrote. So are her fans.

Claudia Dain’s husband has similar concerns about her stories. “He joked that if I ever wrote a book with the title Murder Your Man he was moving out.”

I understand those feelings. My own experiences and those of fellow writers make me wonder if I should write only about heroines who live happy, uneventful lives with perfect romantic relationships, peaceful and loving families, and lots of money! Of course, that throws that little story-telling device called conflict right out the window.

We never know what we write that will show up later in our lives. Some things that happen are eerie, as the above stories attest. Others, like mine, are happy surprises. We haven’t reached the ends of our lives and the ends of our stories yet. Edie writes mysteries in which crimes are solved and justice wrought. Claudia and I write romances with happy endings. Marianna likes to save millions of people from disaster at the last minute. Let’s hope these endings turn out as real as the unexpected events that appear related to what we write.

Stella Terrill Mann says, “Every time we say ‘Let there be!’ in any form, something happens.”

I’m beginning to think she’s right.

JoAnn Grote is the award-winning author of 38 books, including inspirational romances, middle-grade historical novels, and children’s nonfiction.

Business Briefs

More Movers and Shakers

Liz Egan was named Senior Editor at Amazon Publishing's New York imprint. She will focus on fiction, memoir, and parenting.

Joshua Kendall joined Little, Brown as Editorial Director of its Mulholland Books suspense fiction imprint. He was previously Senior Editor at Viking/Penguin.

Allison Underwood has been promoted to Senior Marketing Manager at Open Road.

Kathy Davis is now an Acquisitions Editor for Harlequin’s recently acquired Heartsong Presents line.

NYT-bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard will run F+W Media’s new YA imprint, Merit Press Books.

Publishers Marketplace

The Authors Guild and Google: Class Warfare

Like so many mismatched couples, the Authors Guild and Google will be scratching their seven-year-itch in front of a judge. Not much has changed in those years, though. They are still quibbling over the basic premises of their lawsuit—the Guild has filed another request to certify authors as a “class”—and Google continues to negotiate with the entities whose work it wants for free. Judge Denny Chin, who is still presiding over this match made in Hell, has meanwhile moved “uptown,” to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

At a hearing in December 2011, an attorney for Google posited that “the question of ownership [of the works]…is very murky,” but that murkiness may only exist in the Wishful Thinking neighborhood of Googleville.

An attorney for the Guild countered that “mass litigation” by a class of authors is the best response to the “mass digitization” of their books because at issue are “blanket policies that affected millions of people.”

Publishers Marketplace/The Wall Street Journal blog/Associated Press

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