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at the last minute—and there I was, still hanging around with this completed, ready-to-go manuscript that I'd been nagging them for more than a year to publish.

I felt like a plucky understudy who gets her big break on Broadway one night when the star can't go on.

This being an emergency, the publisher had to find a cover artist that same day (the usual artist for the series, Dan Dos Santos, wasn't available). Happily, we agreed on who the best choice for this was (David Palumbo), and he agreed to do it; but he's heavily booked, too, so he didn't have time to read the manuscript on such short notice. I was asked to provide a synopsis for him, full of visual details—by the next day, because they needed his preliminary sketches almost immediately. The whole production process continued at this crazy pace until the galleys were done. (And Palumbo, I'm pleased to say, did a great job of recreating the wonderful look that Dos Santos had already established for the series.) And that is the story of how, 17 frigging years after I wrote the proposal for it, Disappearing Nightly is finally being published with a good cover and appropriate marketing by DAW Books in June of 2012.

Without my (I daresay) Herculean perseverance, this book—a billion years in the making—wouldn't be released this month. Or ever. In my experience, this is what it takes to make it so.

Disappearing Nightly goes on sale June 5 wherever books are sold.

Business Briefs

Google Responds to Piracy and Copyright Claims with Takedowns. Really.

When Microsoft, movie studios, and content owners (other than authors, I guess) ask Google to scrub links to their copyrighted material from its search results, Google listens. GigaOM reported on May 24 that Google scrubs millions of links from search results in response to anti-piracy and copyright infringement complaints. Google said that it now removes more than a quarter of a million links every week—more than it removed in the entire calendar year 2009.

What’s more, Google has made requestor and target website information available in its Transparency Report ( An attorney for Google noted that the requests are mostly legitimate, and the company said its response time from request to takedown is approximately 11 hours.


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