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Use Your ImaJinn-ation

Continued from page 1       suspense lines. It has also produced two anthologies and has a “Keeper Shelf” line for previously published books. Submission guidelines are available on its website. Unagented submissions are welcome.

The company continues to promote authors and books, both new and backlist, with aggressive contest giveaways, free novellas and e-books, creative pricing to stimulate the purchase of the first books in a series, national ads, a strong Facebook presence where authors are featured, encouraged to blog and post about appearances, as well as help for authors establishing a Goodreads platform.

ImaJinn anthology authors include such instantly recognizable names as Mary Jo Putney, Rebecca York, Patricia Rice, and Catherine Asaro. Single title authors include Holly Fuhrman, Joann Ferguson, Jocelyn Kelley, Keri Arthur, and Rickey Mallory, among many others.

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize this small-press-that-could is a viable option for romance authors looking for a start, a supplement, or a springboard in their careers. Check out the guidelines at

Nancy Gideon just finished the outline for the eighth book in her dark paranormal By Moonlight shape-shifter series for Pocket Books. Seeker of Shadows (Book 6) is a June, 2012 release. Visit Nancy at

Business Briefs

Fair Use….Again

In a hefty 350-page decision, Northern District of Georgia Judge Orinda Evans ruled that although Georgia State University acted in “good faith,” it nevertheless infringed on copyrights held by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and SAGE Publications in five of 75 alleged instances brought to trial. The ruling, acknowledged as a “meticulous reading and analysis of the evidence,” attempts to lay out a clear standard of application of the principle of fair use for future instances of educational use, however the judge admits that fair use is “notoriously difficult to apply.”

Professor James Grimmelmann of New York Law School describes the decision as “mostly a win for Georgia State and mostly a loss for the publishers.” He notes that the “big winner” is the Copyright Clearance Center because the ruling gives the CCC “leverage against universities for coursepack and e-reserve copying with a bright-line rule, and…leverage against publishers who will be under much more pressure to participate in its full panoply of licenses.”

For the full text of the ruling and legal commentary, go to

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There’s No Woolgathering going on here….

Director Ridley Scott, producer Steve Zaillian, and 20th Century Fox have acquired the film option for the 2011 self-published dystopian science fiction novel Wool by Hugh C. Howey. To compound Howey’s personal Cinderella story, the novel triggered a five-way auction at the London Book Fair and was ultimately picked up by the Century imprint of Random House, which also picked up 50 Shades of Grey.


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