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Greenburgh Nature Center in Scarsdale ( and the Teatown Lake Reservation in Ossining (

For a more complete listing of local cultural activities—music, art, performances—and destinations, please go to ARTSWestchester at

Additional information on places of interest in White Plains can be found at the White Plains Historical Society website

When she lived in nearby Connecticut, Marianna Jameson used to dash over to the Westchester Mall in White Plains for some occasional Nordstrom therapy. She’s counting the days to the 2012 NINC-NY conference in her old stomping (and shopping) grounds.

Reasons I’m Going to NINC-NY:

2012 ConferenceIn Alaska, I learned Grizzly bear safety (be alert, make noise, avoid bears, and carry a really big gun). In the Florida Keys, I learned shark scuba etiquette (continue to breathe and swim the other way). Fossil hunting in Southern rivers, I learned alligator safety (stay out of the water, but if you do go in you should pray because alligators recognize only two things: other alligators and food. You are not another alligator.) While swimming in the dangerous waters of publishing, I find it necessary to learn safety tips to continue my perfect record of never being eaten by a dangerous predator.   Jenna Kernan


Besides the fact that every NINC conference is a total pleasure fest and great opportunity to hang out with my friends plus meet new ones, I’m coming because there is never any telling how much I’ll learn that I didn’t expect to, even when the lineup is already as impressive as this one. Based on past experience, yes, there will be reports later, but there is no substitute for being there and talking to others. The sessions look kickass, but there’s always so much more that happens in hallways or in the bar or over lunch etc. As someone who’s experienced a decent amount of both trad-published and indie-published success, I know there are many paths one can follow and sometimes you just have to find your own way. I’m okay to rock along like I have been, but in the final analysis, I looked it this way: maybe I won’t learn one thing I don’t already know, but past conferences have taught me that that never happens. And if I don’t go, I definitely won’t learn anything new. (Or get the aforesaid pleasure fest of hanging out with some fascinating folks.;-)) Jean Brashear


So I can finally meet Lou Aronica! Tracey J. Lyons


I’m coming to NINC for revenge! (Or maybe just to thumb my nose at my past.) I grew up in the Northeast— Connecticut to be exact. Graduated from UConn. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I was very shy, quiet, felt invisible. I longed to be SOMEBODY, to show that I was special and had accomplished something worthwhile. Returning to that part of the country is like a reunion for me. Inside I’m shouting, “Look at me, guys! I’m an author!” Kathryn Johnson


When we gather for the conference, the sun will have just entered the intense, passionate sign of Scorpio. The moon will be in her gibbous phase, almost full, sending the message that any day now, something big is about to happen. I can’t miss that! Zita Christian


Because my husband just applied for membership in NINC and we can go to the conference together. We can have a romantic getaway AND support our writing! Vanessa Kelly



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