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me about reassignment being “impossible.” Since he liked the editor, he said, he had just been trying to get me to drop the subject.

And yet... I still didn’t fire that agent! (Well, not then. I fired him later, for even worse offenses.)

I’m not just stupid; when it counts, I can be tragically stupid.

I also allowed that agent to talk me out of a deal offered to me by an editor who approached me and with whom I was interested in working. But it wasn’t the sort of project the agent was interested in... and on that basis, I finally turned it down. The inexcusable idiocy of that choice became even more apparent when, within a year or two, thanks to following the agent’s advice, I was completely broke and applying for a parttime telemarketing job.

I could go on, but you get the picture. These are mistakes I’m still kicking myself for years later— precisely so that I will always remember that they were, without excuse or justification, really bad decisions that I should never repeat.

Fantasy novelist Laura Resnick deeply regrets that none of her worst mistakes ever included a mad weekend in Rio with a sultry stranger.

Ooops!  Continued from page 17   return. A simple statement that you erred in computing the deductible amount of your business expenses should suffice. You will also need to include revised Schedules C and SE since both of those forms will change due to the decrease in deductible business expenses.

Per the Form 1040X instructions, so long as you pay the balance due on the amended return within one year of filing the amended return, no interest or penalties will be assessed. Be sure when you make your payment to clearly designate that the payment is to apply to the amended return and note the applicable year that is being amended.

Diane Kelly is a CPA/tax attorney and the author of the humorous Death and Taxes romantic mystery series from St. Martin’s Press.

Business Briefs

AAP Stats are Up and Down

AAP StatShot reports both adult fiction and nonfiction increased by 9.6 percent in April, with e-books up 38 percent. Trade paperbacks were up 10 percent and hardbacks rose .5 percent while mass market paperbacks were down 15.6 percent.

The comparison for January through April showed adult fiction and nonfiction up 3.5 percent with an ebook increase of 27.5 percent. Hardbacks were up 4 percent with mass market down 19.8 percent and trade paperback down 5.6 percent.

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