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In Memoriam: Marci Evanick

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her know she was in our thoughts. According to her family, nearly every day’s mail delivery brought her another smile, another laugh. Her children set up a corkboard at the foot of her bed, and pinned the cards and such to it, so they were always close by. Her husband, Michael, wants all of NINC to know how much your kindness cheered Marci, and all of the family, and he’s overwhelmed by the offers to help assist in getting the remainder of her reverted rights titles into e-format and up online. At Marci’s memorial service, Michael asked that I thank everyone, and tell them he no longer wonders why NINC was so important to Marci.

I’d like to thank you as well. We’re all a little better for having had Marci touch our lives, directly or indirectly. She remains the definition of courage, of grace under fire, of determination. And, oh yes, spunk! When she reluctantly gave in and took to her bed last fall, I was indulging in a pity-party about not having time to write up an idea I had. Marci matter-of-factly informed me that her own “some day” project now will never be written. “Nobody knows what’s waiting around the corner for them, so damn well get off your butt, lady, and find the time to write that book!”

Or as we’d often joke, “Use the good dishes...what are you saving them for?”

Lessons for all of us, from one brave lady.

On the day of her memorial service, there was a USA Today story online carrying the headline “Possible Breakthrough in ALS Treatment.”

They must have known our Marci was coming to help …

If you wish to honor Marci, please go to any online bookstore listing her e-books, and “like” them. In this e-age you, her peers, will be lighting a candle to her memory.

Worthy of Note

Take a Stand: Read a Book
That’s Been Banned

The 2012 Banned Books Week is September 30 through October 6. Since it was established in 1982, local libraries and bookstores across the nation have put on staged readings of banned and challenged books.

Last year marked the first virtual reading and the online event is being repeated this year on a dedicated YouTube channel ( Those wishing to participate may upload a two-minute reading of a banned or challenged book or an account of challenges to books in your community.

Criteria for participating are available on the American Library Association website’s Banned Books Week page ( and that organization’s Office for Intellectual Freedom ( You must be signed in to YouTube to upload your video for the virtual read out, and instructions for uploading to the site are available at

At, a partial list of banned and frequently challenged classics is available.

At, a list broken out by year is available.

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