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Since guests and fish both stink after three days, I moved from one friend’s guest room to another. Then a friend loaned me an empty cabin in the woods for a couple of weeks. I returned from there in time to learn of still more delays, and so I stayed with another friend. Then a generous soul offered me shelter in his castle (okay, a condo) that is empty most of the time, since he primarily lives in another kingdom. And so on.

Thus, I passed five weeks as a roofless wanderer, until we reached the day when all my extension papers would turn into pumpkins at midnight. And in a deal involving that much bureaucracy, you really don’t want to have to extend your extensions. Mercifully, the stars aligned, the earth moved, and I was informed in midafternoon that we would close that very day at 5pm. I saddled my trusty Toyota Corolla and sped to the bank to get my cashier’s check; then raced to the house for my pre-closing walk-through; then flew as if by magic to the closing—where finally, at long last, I bought the home I had first set out to find and claim as my own some 10 months earlier.

And so I now live in an enchanted castle on a hill. (Well, okay, now I live in a formerly derelict Victorian townhouse on a city street that was abandoned until NSP buyers started moving in here this month.) Thus, this wandering novelist’s epic quest has come to its happy conclusion.

All of Resnick’s royalty earnings from her next book, Polterheist, which goes on sale November 6, will go toward stabilizing her neighborhood, i.e. paying her new mortgage.

Business Briefs

Job Change

The Bent Agency has a new agent for children’s and young adult fiction as Gemma Cooper moved from Bright Literary Agency in September. PW Daily

Libraries as Publishers?

FastPencil is partnering with library vendor Auto-Graphics to provide a publishing platform to libraries. This would allow libraries that are Auto-Graphic customers to provide library patrons, either novice or experienced authors, a means to create, manage, distribute and sell print and digital formats. Currently, 5,500 libraries work with Auto-Graphics. PR NewsWire


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