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Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter are highly overrated as promo spots for authors. Friend recommendations work better.

We love to talk about books with other people and that’s inherent to reading and to reading as a social experience. If you ignore Twitter, you could be missing an opportunity to participate in that world. Putting up interesting Tweets helps.

Analytics are going to be important to us as authors.

Chatting and having online chat parties on Facebook are great way to reach fans. Consider using chat services such as Shindig, and Spreecast, which are free services you can set up and host yourself and then sell the book via that platform. Sourcebooks has chat parties. Your books don’t have to be for sale at Sourcebooks to participate in them.

Do blogs really draw in readers? Which works better, single or group blogs?

Theme blogs work. Group blogging is nice because authors can take turns and bounce off each other’s topics. Readers like that. It’s all part of being out there participating with other people.

Promote other authors using a theme. One author invited other authors with bride and wedding books to blog on her site. It generated a lot of traffic and was fun and successful.

Look for blogs that fit your books according to the subject matter, like wine, weddings, etc. Put together an “A” list of 100 blogs and approach them. You will be the only book up on the blog, rather than one in a sea of many. Just avoid writers/writing blogs.

Virtual blog tours can be really effective if you are at the right blog talking about the right stuff. Be careful how you do this, pay vs free.

Tracey Lyons has been writing romances for more than 20 years. Her most recent releases include Mountain Jewel, a #1 bestseller Samhain Retro Romance historical; and the Women of Surprise historical romance series soon to be reissued in paperback and digital by Avalon Books/Amazon publishing. Tracey also writes contemporary women’s fiction romance under the name Tracey Sorel. You can learn more by visiting or

Business Briefs with Sally Hawkes

Google and AAP Seven-Year War Ends

Copyright holders’ interests have been preserved in the settlement. Publishers have a choice to request titles be removed or not from Google’s Library Project. If removed, a digital copy is at the publishers’ disposal. This settlement doesn’t prohibit other agreements between Google and any publisher. The full article and the AAP press release is available on the Authors Guild website ( Authors Guild

Bowker’s Look at E-books

Bowker’s Global E-Book Monitor results were previewed at the Tools of Change segment of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The survey covered 10 countries with 1,000 consumers responding. The full report will be out in Bowker’s annual publication in November. Besides looking at e-books and the percentage of growth, the question of print vs. e-books was examined. Approximately 33 percent of respondents claimed they reduced or stopped print purchases. A “significant number” increased buying print as a result of the e-book. This included those who claimed not to buy print copies previously. When asked about pricing, the responses indicated e-books should be 50 percent of the hardback print price and 80 percent of the mass market price. Respondents said they would pay more for a favorite author over a new author. Currently, numbers on free e-books are still shaky since piracy can be included in the term. The use of mobile devices had a lukewarm reception with books last on the list of purchases for mobile use. PW Daily

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