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April 2013   •  Vol. 24, No. 4   •  Download pdf version

The Business Rusch:
Binge Reading


On a day when most of the publishing blogosphere is dealing with Random House’s horrible Hydra publishing line, I figured I’d talk about something else. If you haven’t heard about Hydra and what it wants to do to writers who know nothing about business, check out John Scalzi’s blog. ( In fact, check out John Scalzi’s blog to see why so many writers choose to remain in traditional publishing without becoming hybrid writers at all. Also note (apropos of my February 28 blog) that John now has an escape route in the back of his mind, should traditional book publishing turn on him the way it has turned on so many of us.

And let me add that many of you expressed surprise at my interchangeable widgets comment recently. Here’s what I said: Traditional publishers know that when one writer goes away, another will step into her place. You’re a rotating group of widgets that might make the publisher some money. If you don’t make the publisher money, then they’ll find someone who will.

Now, thanks to Hydra, you can see that attitude in action.

But, let’s move on to my own pleasant surprise of last week. It came in the comment section of my blog. Marie Force mentioned that her self-published book, Waiting For Love, hit the New York Times bestseller list at number 6 for e-books and number 11 overall, the USA Today bestseller list at number 15 and the Wall Street Journal bestseller list at number 6 for e-books.

I’ve been turning that news over and over in my mind since last week. Marie Force isn’t the first selfpublished writer (even though I prefer the term indie, which I will now use) to hit the New York Times list, and she certainly won’t be the last. But it’s refreshing to see it in action. (Congrats again, Marie!)

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Putting the Writer First

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Eye on Industry: The New Divide

Writing Is Taxing: Look Out for Thieves

Not Your Usual Writing Advice: Recapturing the Joy

The Mad Scribbler: The Tale of the Tail Grows Longer

Journalist that I used to be, though, I wasn’t going to blog about this until I made certain I saw the actual lists. And Marie linked to all three in her post. As I scanned through the Times list for Marie’s name, I noticed something else. Let me explain how.

The list is formatted this way:

6. Waiting For Love, by Marie Force (Marie Force)

If you look at the number one book on the list,
you see this:

1. Alex Cross, Run, by James Patterson (Little, Brown & Company)

In other words, the publisher comes after the author’s name, something                   Continued on page 3

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