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The First Day
With First Word:
Putting The Writer First


Several years ago NINC came up with the idea to start out the annual conference with a one-day program, a pre-conference event if you will. It was not only a way of adding value to the entire conference event, but specifically allowed for focusing on a topic that that could be covered in depth.

For a fee the one-day program was also opened to the public and other industry professionals who wished to attend. One year it was a full day of forensics. In other years we’ve brainstormed, tried to forecast the future, and last year under the formal program title of First Word we worked to form partnerships with the industry and service providers who will help us take our careers to the next level or at least keep us on track.

For the 2013 conference in Myrtle Beach, The Author’s World will begin with First Word: Putting the Writer First.

In a real sense we’re talking about going back to first base…why we do what we do. Even after we’ve twisted ourselves and souls into pretzels in an attempt to wrestle the business side of being a writer into submission, all that effort doesn’t mean much if there’s no story for the effort. So, just how do we put the writer first? Go back to thinking about the stories, to the characters that talk to us in our heads about what they want and don’t want, and try to figure out how to put it all together into a compelling read. We’re not forgetting about promotion, marketing, and building an audience. We’re simply setting priorities…the horse before the cart.

We’ve been fortunate to have already booked two great speakers for First Word. For a little something different this year, First Word will begin with a high level writer’s workshop presented by Lisa Cron. She   

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