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First Word panelists
Lisa Cron, author of Wired for Story           Jim McCarthy, agent

is the author of “Wired For Story,” an examination using the discoveries being made by neuroscience of how and why readers are drawn to stories and what matters most to them. Lisa’s background and knowledge should provide workshop participants with an inside track to the reader’s brain.

In the afternoon, we’ll have the traditional First Word panels discussing just how we can handle the business aspects of publishing, while protecting the creative flame and possibly pushing the genre and storytelling boundaries that traditional publishing established for a print-only world.

For that we’re delighted to announce we’ve already confirmed Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

While wary writers wonder if there is any real value to having an agent these days, Jim McCarthy will remind us that there are agents who live for finding an unforgettable story, a new and innovative voice. He’s on our side! “I’ll read anything an author can make interesting.” He’s also looking for women’s literary stories, underrepresented voices(!), and anything unusual and unexpected.

There’s more to look forward to, and in future updates we’ll profile additional speakers.

A Writers World Conference

Business Briefs

Harlequin Ends 2012 in a Somber Note

Operating earnings went down 11.6 percent in 2012, with the slow growth of digital sales taking the blame with a 7.2 percent loss in the third quarter. Another culprit cited was foreign currency translations. North American print sales also began to move downward in the second quarter and continued. TorStar targeted economics in the European market and higher author royalties on digital sales. The company is optimistic for the coming year with digital numbers counterbalancing print figures in North America.

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