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February 2013   •  Vol. 24, No. 2   •  Download pdf version

Editor's note: A question from a NINC member, which arrived too late for the January issue,
prompted this column. While one of the listed filing dates has passed, the information is provided as a
guidance for U.S. writers.

Writing is Taxing


The 411
on 1099s

Many self-employed taxpayers fail to properly report their income. While Form 1099s filed by payers help the IRS determine whether a taxpayer has reported all revenues, many payments that should be reported on a 1099 are not. Often, payers are not intentionally shirking their reporting requirements. Many are simply not aware of the requirements or are confused by the rules. Exacerbating the confusion was the recent enactment and subsequent appeal of expanded reporting requirements.

Tax law generally requires a payer to report payments of rent, salaries, wages, premiums, annuities, compensation, interest, royalties, pensions, commissions, fees, profits, or other “fixed or determinable gains and income” if such amounts are related to a trade or business and exceed certain annual thresholds. With such a seemingly wide rule, it’s easiest to start with items that do not have to be reported.

Payments NOT Subject to Reporting

You do not have to report payments that are personal, such as payments to an independent contractor who provides landscaping services at your home. Only your business-related payments are subject to 1099 reporting.

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The Mad Scribbler: Your Good Name

Payments to corporations generally do not have to be reported, though payments to corporations for legal services are subject to reporting.

Payments for merchandise, phone services, freight, storage charges, and similar payments are not subject to reporting. Thus, regardless of cost, there is no need to report purchases of office supplies or equipment, or purchases of your books that you plan to resell.

Payments made to tax-exempt organizations also do not have to be reported.

Now let’s talk about payments that are subject to reporting.          Continued on page 3   

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