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Creative Power-Coaching
Techniques for Personal Development
and Professional Success



Melissa Rosati, a Certified Professional CoActive Coach and owner of Melissa’s Coaching Studio, LLC, specializes in helping creative people to overcome obstacles and achieve their creative goals. In this workshop, she took workshop participants through three exercises they can use at home to help their creativity.

Wheel of Life

The first exercise involved a Wheel of Life. The wheel is a circle divided into eight sections, which represent Career, Family and Friends, Significant Other/Romance, Fun and Recreation, Health, Money, Personal Growth and Physical Environment. You rate each section of the pie on a scale of one to ten as to how satisfied you are with that aspect of your life, with one being the lowest level of satisfaction and ten the highest.

This visual helps you see the areas of your life that are out of balance. Your goal is to equalize the areas of your life so that you are more satisfied overall.

Powerful Self

The second exercise involved writing about both a peak experience and then the worst experience of your life. In the exercise, Rosati urged participants to explore what the experience felt like, what about the experience was particularly powerful, and the thoughts and emotions surrounding that experience. This exercise helped participants explore where they’d been and where they wanted to be. As writers, we have the power to recreate feelings and thoughts and call them up to share in our writing and to empower our present.

She suggested using the memory of the positive experiences to remind ourselves of goals, and the negative experiences to help us see what we’ve overcome. The experiences you choose to write about also show you what is important to you.

Rosati recommended that anytime you feel overwhelmed, you can step back and write for three minutes about who you are as a writer. This free-writing can help you focus and see yourself and your goals more clearly.

Creating Mandalas

The final exercise involved using other forms of creativity. Rosati recommends that writers, who are so focused on words, switch creative modalities from time to time, using music, drawing, sculpture or some other form of art to stretch creative muscles. In the workshop, participants were given markers and asked to think about one aspect of their lives they rated low in the Wheel of Life exercise and to draw a mandala to illustrate that aspect of life as a ten. A mandala is an illustration within a circle that has spiritual meaning in the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

Sharing the mandala drawings generated a discussion of how our feelings drive our creativity and how fear can hold us back as writers. Fear manifests as writer’s block, as an inability to make decisions, and as getting stuck. When you feel overwhelmed, fear may be a component of that.

Creating a mandala gives you ideas for what you really want in life and how to get there. She suggested hanging the mandala in your work space as a visual reminder of your goals.

Rosati closed by reminding participants that your inner goddess is stronger than your inner critic.

Cindi Myers is the author of more than 50 romance and women’s fiction novels, including The View From Here. Find out more at

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