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Launching the New Year of NINC

Welcome, 2013. The new NINC board is up and running. We look forward to serving you throughout the year to the best of our abilities. We also are looking forward with the best interests of our ever-evolving organization in mind. NINC is growing at a strong rate, and that strength will help us as we move through this year of changes, opportunities, and challenges in a publishing marketplace that has given professional writers more independence and self-sufficiency as well as more headaches and dilemmas. But, heck, life is full of challenge and opportunity. I choose the half-full point of view of the world. Why not? The challenge is the same either way, so looking for the good in good grief! makes it all easier to deal with.

First, on behalf of the membership I’d like to thank Lou Aronica for his stellar and visionary leadership this past year. Lou is uniquely situated as both an author and publisher to understand and have influence in the rapidly changing world of publishing. He’s been a smart, savvy president, always willing to share his knowledge and experiences. He never hesitated to help out with an opinion, email, or phone call when called on. While he doesn’t suffer fools gladly, his leadership style has been one of calm, thoughtful consideration where every person has been able to freely express an opinion. He always has an informed opinion, and if it didn’t match others’, he was willing to talk, debate, and ultimately compromise if needed. His passion for and willingness to help NINC grow as an organization is without doubt. The anthology “Cast of Characters” is certainly a case in point of putting your time (equals money) where your mouth is. And, Lou being Lou, he’s doing it for us again this year with “I never thought I’d see you again.” Lou, you’re a rare combination of inclusiveness and tenacious advocate. I learned a lot from you and will personally miss your monthly leadership on the board. Thank you.

I’d also like to thank Marianna Jameson who is leaving the position of Nink editor. We did not know one another when I joined the board, but we have become friends. Marianna is another person whose passion and commitment to NINC was always at the forefront of her decisions and point of view about issues that show up in the pages of NINC. She did a tremendous job. That’s no small feat. Handling deadlines with writers, bringing issues to fruition, seeking writers, keeping up with ideas and subjects that might or should be of interest to our membership, she did it all with grace and a steady hand. Thank you, Marianna.

Denise Agnew has done a terrific job as the unsung bard of the board. She has kept meticulous records of our meetings, compiled officers’ reports, along with financial reports. She’s been our information conduit to the membership through monthly reports via Nink and assisted wherever requested. It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s vital for the flow of information as well as for maintaining a record of NINC operations. Also as important, she’s been an advocate’s voice on the board throughout the year. Well done, Denise!

Trish Jensen has the other “thank goodness she has the position” job. Treasurer. It’s not for the faint of heart. Anyone who keeps track of a checkbook will appreciate the work that goes into a monthly accounting for an organization like NINC. She’s a bean counter and worrier who, bless her, keeps us on our toes, on budget, and away from any possibility of a financial cliff. Trish, you’re appreciated and admired.

As for Advisory Council rep, Patricia McLaughin, what can I say? So glad to have you in our corner for another year. So glad!

If this sounds like a mash note to the board, then guilty as charged. Most of you are aware that the board steers NINC throughout the year, handling issues and making decisions in a way that allows our membership not to be burdened by the day-to-day and month-to-month concerns that affect our membership as a whole, as well as individually. The hundreds of emails that flow back and forth on a daily basis—okay, weekly basis—serve to underscore the amount of time your board spends considering and weighing every possible effect our decisions will have on the organization. In this case, you, the membership, get a lot more than you pay for.   

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