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Continued from page 1       posts. The cuter the picture the better. When readers share your photo, the link goes back to the person who originally uploaded the photo to Facebook. So do your own uploads as much as possible.

  1. Your team’s book announcements should also be shared on Twitter. Tweet and retweet. Learn what good posts are and how to maximize them, then measure the effect.
  2. Advertise each other’s free books in your newsletters. Readers will appreciate when you introduce them to other great authors. When you send out a newsletter, ask the others if they have anything to promote. It will give you content and added value.

    What other things did the Lifeboat Team do to propel themselves to success? Here are a few:
  3. The team published Ten Shades of Sexy, an anthology of love scenes from previously published novels. The book is a perma freebie on Amazon. It’s been on the top 100 free list for the past four months and helped double and triple the sales of the authors’ other books.
  4. The authors on the team created a VIP Lounge. Once a month, each author chooses a reader to be reader of the month. These fans get to download a free book (their pick from any author on the team) and are featured in the lounge. (The VIP Lounge is also the place where readers can sign up for all the authors’ newsletters with a single click.)
  5. The team held brainstorming sessions over Skype.
  6. Holding a summit where they met in person and spent days on mini workshops. Prior to the summit, each member took one area of social media and became an expert in the subject as much as possible. Then, at the summit, they shared their knowledge (Facebook, HootSuite, Pinterest, etc.).
  7. The team maintains a shared Dropbox folder where they share files about things they learn (e.g. good web sites to promote books).
  8. The authors hired the services of a virtual assistant who works on joint projects as well as on individual tasks.
  9. The group runs a contest to gather email addresses, etc., periodically giving away a Kindle or gift cards. Promotions like this are more effective when done with a group.

    Some extra advice:
  10. You don’t have to jump on every idea right now. Balance promo with writing.
  11. You don’t need money to start a promo group. While time investment was substantial at the beginning, financial investment was minimal (low three figures).
  12. Keep your social media traffic elevated and steady.
  13. Hire out what you can.
  14. When you really like each other, that warmth comes through in the posts you leave for each other online. Readers like that. You have a nice community and readers are invited in.

Following these steps and principles, all of the authors had increased their sales since founding the group. Being on the team both takes time and saves time. Information is shared. You will see possibilities you wouldn’t see by yourself. It’s like turning up the volume on your radio, Ortolon told us. The team members are each other’s drum beaters.

Dana Marton is the author of over 30 romantic suspense novels that have been published all over the world. She’s a Rita Award finalist and the recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. Visit her website at

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