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It’s getting to be that time of year when we think about what our summer is shaping up to be like. Where will we go? What would we like to do? Where will our pennies allow us to go and do what? Which things do we put at the top of the list along with the also-rans? It’s also the time of year when most NINC members start making their decisions about the NINC Conference, scheduled this year for October 24-27 in Myrtle Beach, SC. For most of us, it’s a matter of how many conferences we’ve already committed to, where the money is best spent, and, let’s be honest, have we been there before and does it sound like a fun location?

Laura Parker CastoroThe last two I can answer for you. No, NINC hasn’t been to Myrtle Beach before and, yes, it will be a fun location. It’s got beach, and water, and spa — did I say beach? — and lovely vistas, and shops, and restaurants, and beaches. I know, but I’ve lived most of my life far, far from sand and surf. So any location that has beach in its title gets an automatic second look in my book.

More seriously, NINC is one of those organizations that doesn’t have local branches that allow us to interact all year long. If we don’t come together once a year, then we begin to fray badly. We don’t even know who else belongs. We lose the cohesiveness that keeps any organization vital, its membership engaged, and its members willing to participate in the very necessary administrative work required to keep us going.

I know. I’ve made all the excuses myself:

  1. Can’t afford it this year. Legit. Or is it? Can you afford not to be there?

  2. Tired of traveling. Hmm, comes with the territory of being a 21st Century human. We live everywhere. Most of us have to travel most of the time to get to any conference.

  3. I’ll see my friends at other events. Perhaps, but they won’t be all hearing the same publishing business news at the same time in real time so you can react and discuss together and come back later that day or the next, and get or make clarifications with the industry’s top people. There’s a lot to be said for being present. How hard was it to describe a “lifeboat” to those who didn’t attend last year?

    Another reason to attend. NINC is growing, and new members mean the possibility of new friends with new skills and points of view on the business. Two for one there.

  4. Did it last year so maybe next year. It never fails to be that the skipped year is the year to be there.

  5. Won’t I hear the same thing I heard before?

    Of all the above concerns, this one is probably the most important and urgent one for a organization that has business as it raison d’etre. And, a more than fair question: what do I get for my bucks?

We like to think the business doesn’t change that much in any given year. Well, of course, we know that the past few years have made a lie of that presumption. The publishing business is moving at breakneck speed. I almost fainted when I saw my most recent contracts. Printing out five copies each for the three    

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