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2013 Conference

Literary Legal Counsel
At NINC 2013 Conference


If you’ve been a member of Novelists, Inc. long enough, sooner or later you will have met, heard, or read something by New York intellectual property attorney, F. Robert Stein. Over the years, Bob has attended numerous NINC conferences, and he has written for Nink. (Reveal: Bob negotiated my first film option, based on a script I’d written for my then-unpublished novel.) In case you haven’t been paying attention to the conference updates, this is a REMINDER that Bob will attend the October conference as one of our guest speakers. Given the times that Bob has used his column in Nink to respond to members’ specific concerns, it is felt that his presence and participation will add value to members’ attendance. He will be a significant part of First Word: Putting The Writer First on Thursday, October 24.

But there’s more! Attorney Stein has generously agreed to conduct six hour-long sessions in which NINC members will have the opportunity to question him on contractual and other literary legal issues. Bob has himself suggested that, since the wording of any given contract is critical to understanding where there may be a problem, members selected to be part of the sessions will be encouraged to bring a copy of a contract with them.

Bob Stein counsels and represents authors, literary agents, and others in publishing negotiations and disputes. He also reviews book manuscripts prior to publication for libel, copyright, and other problems. Bob also has represented film producers in more than 250 projects, including many that were Academy Award winners and nominees. Bob has held positions in the legal departments of Warner Publishing, Random House, Simon & Schuster, and CBS, and has authored numerous articles on publisher’s contracts for RWA’s Romance Writers’ Report, Nink, and Mystery Writers of America.

Note: because it’s anticipated that there will be lots of questions for Bob, the decision has been made to allow only six members to take part in each of the six hour-long sessions. Members must be registered for the conference and may only attend one session. This is to allow as many as possible to be able to    

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