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For Witthohn, the program is so creative she says it reminds her of why she became an agent in the first place.

As New York Times bestseller Shannon McKenna says, “it’s so wonderful to get the hell outside your own brain, with its own deep grooves and ruts and routines and fear-based limitations. I automatically resist at the beginning all the ideas that come to me from the outside, I can’t help myself--but slowly, they percolate down and I start to see solutions to problems. It changes the cards on the table, reshuffles, offers up surprises.”

S.G. Redling, author of the bestseller Flowertown, brainstormed Damocles, a science fiction book that will soon be published by Amazon’s 47North imprint. As she said, “the most surprising thing about brainstorming for me is that I get the most inspiration and infusion of energy brainstorming someone else’s story. When it’s not your own baby and your own characters, you feel a freedom to cast your net a little wider, dig a little deeper, think farther afield.”

Elizabeth Aston, aka Elizabeth Edmondson, found it helped her in finishing two books. “Brainstorming at Matera is a kind of magic. You start with anything—a vague idea or a knotty problem from a work in progress—and then, by an extraordinary alchemy of combined imaginations and brains, what was one or two dimensional is suddenly 3D. It’s been brilliant for two very different books for me—a historical rom com and a dark historical spy thriller.”

Four days intensely brainstorming your book with other writers and with a smart and creative agent, eating fabulous food, continuing in a spa…something good inevitably comes out. I am now writing the third book of a trilogy, the Ghost Ops trilogy, that I originally brainstormed at the first Brainstorming at the Spa. It is a departure for me, futuristic paranormal, and I could never have managed it without my brainstorming buddies.

Four magic days. You should try it. Join us at the spa or organize your own long brainstorming weekend.

It works. Guaranteed.

For details and registration information for this year’s Brainstorming at the Spa, March 22-25, go to

Elizabeth Jennings writes romantic suspense and spicy romantic suspense as Lisa Marie Rice. Her 23rd novel, Heart of Danger, by Lisa Marie Rice, was published in November 2012 by Avon Red. I Dream of Danger is coming out in June 2013. She has lived in Europe all her adult life. She currently lives in southern Italy which is…interesting. The food is very good. She also runs an international literary festival/writers conference, The International Women’s Fiction affords her a bird’s-eye view of publishing on both sides of the Atlantic. That’s interesting, too.

Business Briefs

New Amazon Imprints

Amazon Children’s Publishing has announced Two Lions (picture books, chapter books, and middlegrade fiction) and Skyscape (young adults) coming in Spring 2013. The lines will incorporate veteran authors and new writers. The staffing will include editorial managers Margery Cuyler (Two Lions) and Tim Ditlow (Skyscape). Launch titles include Gandhi: A March to the Sea by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez, and Poco Loco, a debut picture book by J.R. Krause, illustrated by Maria Chua for Two Lions; and You Know What You Have to Do, by Bonnie Shimko, and Reason to Breathe, the first book in the Breathing Series trilogy by Rebecca Donovan, for Skyscape.

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