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A Little of This, A Little of That

If you’re reading this issue and haven’t renewed your membership to NINC, you’re late – but not too late! You have until March 15 to renew and not be dropped from the membership roster. In addition to the $65 membership fee, you will asked to pay an additional late fee of $10. Don’t let this important business networking connection slip through your fingers. If you’re like me, you’ll hate having to go through the membership process again.

Just been through an annus horribilis? Consider taking advantage of one of NINC’s many benefits of membership, The Linda Kay West Memorial Fund, which is used to cover the cost of yearly dues for members who otherwise could not afford to renew their membership. The fund is supported by voluntary contributions from our members, who indicate on the yearly membership renewal form that they are paying an additional amount above their normal dues in support of the fund. Members may apply for assistance from the fund no more than once every four years. Members may not apply for assistance from the fund for their first full year of membership. To find out more about how to use the fund, log in and go here: (Members Only)

We have had two new changes in NINC personnel since the beginning of the year. Tracy Higley has taken over from Jim LePore as our new membership chair. Thanks, Jim, for taking the position mid-year last year and doing a terrific job, especially in getting indie authors into our membership fold. Congratulations, Tracy, and thanks for volunteering for one of our most active positions. I have appointed Ashley McConnell to take over for Trish Jensen as NINC treasurer for the remainder of Trish’s term. Thanks, Trish, for all your time and talent and effort in what has to be another of the heavy-lifting positions on the NINC board. We wish you all the very best. Welcome, Ashley, onto the board and into the heart of the administration of the organization.

I’ve been thinking, always a dodgy proposition. NINC could benefit from a short and pithy motto. The outcome of several conversations with other NINC members and the NINC board has been a thumbs-up on this one: “Novelists, Inc. Means Business!” It captures the essence of NINC as a serious professional organization dedicated to giving its members the best, up-to-date, and wide-ranging information about the publishing industry so that our members can make the best decisions for their careers. The conference theme changes from year to year. This will give us continuity and be a talking point for any conversation with another author that gets the response, “I already belong to several other writers organizations. Why should I join NINC?”

Let me know what you think of the motto by posting on the NINClink.

25 years! Seriously? Yes, Novelists Inc. will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014. That’s a remarkable accomplishment for any organization, and we aren’t about to let it pass without marking our achievement in various ways. All ideas are welcome, and there’s no time like the present to get started. To that purpose, I have appointed Sally Hawkes to chair the NINC 25th Anniversary Committee.

If you’d like to be on this committee—it could be your “Just One Thing” for the year—contact Sally directly at

As a follow-up to my call in the January issue of Nink to consider “Just One Thing,” I want to give you a short tour of our NINC Committees tab, which you may not be as familiar with as other locations on our website. The board is looking at our many committees. We will activate those committees where   

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