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The Author’s World…
in Myrtle Beach

More than ever writers are finding themselves thrust into the role of being “chief cook and bottlewasher” to their careers. We are multitasking to the nth degree trying to do everything equally well. What we don’t want to lose or forget is that, above all, we are writers working hard to deliver engaging, innovative, exciting stories and characters to our fans. The extra responsibilities we must now perform are challenging; we’re dancing as fast as we can.

This year’s NINC Conference theme is “The Author’s World.” While we must now also sell ourselves (or rather our image) in order to sell books, it still all comes down to the story.

Good, bad, or ugly, electronic technology has had a transformative effect on our careers, requiring more participation, business acumen, and nerves of steel. More than ever we are actively looking for the people, places, and ways to help us not only stay viable but also to help us improve our skills as we work harder to increase our readership and our sales. Welcome to the shape-shifting world of the future.

You can expect back by popular demand some of the exciting and innovative speakers we’ve heard from before, along with a new roster of professionals that will include editors, legal and financial advisors, along with the latest insights on promotion and marketing. There is a short list of top names being considered for the guest speaker spot that we are sure will add value to your attendance.

The conference in Myrtle Beach will expand on the great ideas and “entrepreneurial” indie spirit of 2012 during the First Word program. This is a one-day event that will also be open to the public. Let’s call it Advanced Fiction 101: looking at how to grow and stretch beyond what we’ve been doing; from what’s been   

Brookgreen Gardens
Brookgreen Gardens

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