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attended the 2012 NINC conference in White Plains if they will share some of their photographs on the conference website. And we’d like to hear comments about what the conferences, or NINC in general, means to you. Add your thoughts to the What Authors Are Saying tab on the website home page.


As we go to press we’re happy to add four new guest speakers to our list of industry professionals for the conference: Mark Lefebvre of Kobo; Avon editor Lucia Macro; Lisa Erbach Vance from Aaron Priest Literary Agency in New York, and New York Times bestselling YA author Carrie Ryan. More to come!

Best Book Practices

Pros, Cons and Eight Options to Sell

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Still interested? Great, because the good news is that digital media e-commerce is bursting with activity (due in large measure to the popularity of music downloading). New companies and services have been launched over the past couple years to serve the more specific needs of e-book publishers.

In the list below I’ve outlined several of these services; some very simple and some more full featured. As you research and evaluate each one return to the above lists to help you think about your needs. Alternatively I offer consulting to publishers on this topic and would be happy to visit with you regarding your needs.

(By the way, drop a comment to me if you know of a service that should be included in this list.)

Gumroad ( A simple, straight-forward tool that is free and relatively easy to use.

Ganxy ( Lots of great features specific to e-book publishing. Also free.

EditionGuard ( One of the few “simple” solutions for selling DRM-protected ePub files. They also have a plugin for WordPress websites.

E-Junkie ( A well-established vendor of e-commerce tools and capabilities.

MyCommerce ( Offers three different levels of online store functionality.

More relevant for large libraries or publishers with more sophisticated needs.

MyTabletBooks ( and Qbend ( These companies are unrelated but their services are very similar. Both license Adobe Digital Editions (as has EditionGuard and Cyberwolf below) and they also have their own stores.

Cyberwolf ( Cyberwolf has expertise with Adobe Digital Editions and works with publishers interested in building their own stores.

David Wogahn is the founder of Sellbox, an e-book agency that assists authors and publishers with developing and marketing e-books. He is the author of Successful eBook Publishing and blogs at This article previously appeared on the Sellbox blog.

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